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How Well Do You Know: A Few Good Men
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If you really don't know this movie, the quotes, you will not pass this quiz.
sherrie1961 3/1/09 10:58 am


1. Who adapted the screenplay from his own earlier source material?
Aaron Sorkin, from his play
David Mamet, from his play
Stephen King, from his short story
James Patterson, from his novel
2. Which of the principal actors appears first on screen?
Jack Nicholson
Tom Cruise
Kevin Bacon
Demi Moore
3. When we first see Daniel Kaffee, he is:
Watching a baseball game
At a staff briefing
Arguing in court
At softball practice
4. Several times throughout the movie, Colonel Jessup states that he is in the business of
Saving lives
Preserving liberty
Making a quick buck
Looking good in uniform
5. At their first meeting with Kaffee, Dawson and Downey state that Santiago didn't follow the code. What's the code?
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines
Honor, Fidelity, Fortitude, Resilience
We Got Spirit, Yes We Do!
Unit, Corps, God, Country
6. What was the name of the disciplinary action that Dawson and Downey executed on Santiago?
The Aunt Jemima Treatment
Code Red
Code Black
The Butterfly Effect
7. Downey's aunt is named:
8. Kaffee states that with another successful plea bargain, he'll win:
A set of steak knives
Free lube & oil change for life
The respect of his father
A DVD of 12 Angry Men
9. Kevin Pollak's character Weinberg gives Kaffee some dubious advice for their trip to Cuba. What was it?
Wear his whites
Don't salute superior officers
Shave his head
Make fists with his toes
10. Jessup states that there is nothing sexier than
A woman you have to salute in the morning
The working end of a Soviet-made AK47
11. In Cuba, Kaffee ruffles Jessup's feathers by asking for what?
Jessup's whereabouts on the night of Santiago's death
The flight log for the flights leaving Cuba the night of Santiago's death
An written apology to Santiago's family members
Santiago's transfer order
12. What was the name of the chemical reaction that was believed to have killed Santiago?
Amoria phlebitis
Lactic acidosis
Esophogeal constriction
Malevolent gastric reflux
13. The old man who runs the newspaper stand that Kaffee visits is named:
14. The shady Marine doctor named Stone who testifies at the trial is played by:
Christopher Walken
Christopher Plummer
Christopher Guest
Christian Bale
15. When Jo and Kaffee go out to eat after the first day in court, to what kind of restaurant do they go?
16. Corporal Barnes, who testified at the trial about having received a Code Red, was played by what future TV star?
Denis Leary
Matthew Fox
Noah Wyle
Anthony Edwards
17. When Ross points out that Code Red isn't in any Marine manual, Kaffee counters that what else isn't in a manual?
How to wear the uniform properly
How to fire a weapon
How to use the bathroom
The location of the mess hall
18. How did Markinson kill himself?
He shot himself
He hung himself with his belt
He ran onto his sword
He jumped off a bridge
19. During Kendrick's testimony, Kaffee stated that Dawson got into trouble with Kendrick over an incident with a Marine named Curtis Bell. What was the upshot of the incident?
Dawson convinced Bell to leave the corps
Dawson gave Bell a Code Red
Dawson gave Bell food while the former was on barrack restrictions
Dawson gave Bell an incorrect mark on a fitness assessment
20. When everything came to light, the order for the Code Red took which path?
Jessup to Kendrick to Dawson and Downey
Markinson to Kendrick to Downey
Jessup to Kendrick to Dawson to Downey
Jessup to Markinson to Kendrick to Dawson and Downey
21. Kaffee thinks better when he is holding:
A beer
A bat
An apple core
A gun
22. "Thank you for playing Should We or Should We not Follow the Advice of...."
The Strenuous Objectors
Greeks Bearing Gifts
The Galactically Stupid
Marines with No Honor
23. On the final day of the trial, Weinberg brings two airmen, who never end up testifying, into the courtroom. What were the two airmen going to testify about?
Jessup ordered them to erase records of a flight out of Cuba
They had no knowledge of a certain flight leaving Cuba
That they heard Kendrick order the Code Red
That they thought Santiago deserved what happened to him
24. Kaffee tried to trip up Jessup's story about Santiago being transferred by pointing out that Santiago hadn't packed anything and:
Santiago's diary said nothing about leaving Cuba
Santiago was still asleep, when he should have been bounding around with excitement
Santiago hadn't turned in his weapon
Santiago hadn't made any phone calls
25. What was the ultimate punishment for Dawson and Downey?
To be hung from a yardarm
They received no punishment past time served
They were to be dishonorably discharged
They were to serve 12 years in prison

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