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How Well Do You Know: Veronica Mars, Season 2 Part I
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1. The first episode covers a lot of ground, covering the ground between season 1 and the present, and the bus crash. In there, Veronica solves a case. What was it?
Who ran over a student's dog?
Who was blackmailing the gay students?
Who forged drug tests, resulting in Wallace and others being kicked off athletic teams?
Who stole money at the Winter Carnival?
2. Veronica was supposed to be on the bus when it crashes, but isn't, because she is still at the gas station when the bus leaves. Why was she left behind?
The cashier took too long making change
She was talking to Weevil
She was on the phone with Wallace
She was kicked off the bus
3. What title is most closely associated with David Moran?
Boatloads of Fun Corp.
Ahoy, Mateys!
The Long Haul
Answers from Angels
4. What is true about Homecoming?
Neither Wallace nor Veronica are nominated
Wallace is not nominated, Veronica is nominated for queen
Wallace is nominated for king, Veronica is not nominated
Wallace is nominated for king, Veronica is nominated for queen
5. Keith loses the sheriff's race in part because he chooses not to make public a rather important clue about the bus crash. What was it?
A phone message that includes the sound of what appears to be an explosion
The service records for the bus
The personnel file of the bus driver
A rat carcass
6. A Dr. Griffith claims that he was the one that placed the 911 call from the bridge the night that Logan was on the bridge. What kind of doctor is he?
Plastic surgeon
7. Through some shrewd maneuvering, whose status notably changed at the end of the episode called "My Mother, the Fiend"?
Duncan became class president
Clemmons became principal
Keith became sheriff
Wallace was named captain of the basketball team
8. The prospect of Veronica attending Hearst College is raised right after:
Keith loses his bid for sheriff
Weevil leaves with his father for Chicago
Veronica concludes her jury duty
She loses out on the Kane scholarship
9. Duncan kidnapped Meg's baby through a rather complicated scheme. Which was not part of the plan?
Veronica and Duncan staged their break-up
The deception involved the purchase of a boat
Lamb unwittingly transported Duncan out of the country
Celeste Kane hired Vinnie Van Lowe to find Duncan
10. The final episode reveals that Beaver crashed the bus. The writers also pin all of the following on Beaver, except for which?
He shot Keith
He raped Veronica
He killed Curly
He killed Woody
11. Famous-only-for-being-famous Kristin Cavallari made a small cameo as:
A cheerleader
A student who died in the bus crash
A journalism teacher
A guidance counselor
12. Who does Keith found undressed and handcuffed to a bed in a hotel room?
Deputy Leo
Sheriff Lamb
13. Who leaves Thumper to be killed in the explosion of Shark Stadium?
The Fitzpatricks
The PCHers
Van Clemmons
14. Who won Woody Goodman's essay contest, thereby getting to push the button to explode Shark Stadium?
15. Agents from which government agency raided the offices of Dick Casablancas Sr?
16. Neptune High employs an ill-fated janitor named:
17. Veronica finds out she has which STD?
Genital herpes
18. Who killed Aaron Echolls?
Duncan Kane
Logan Echolls
Kendall Casablancas
Clarence Wiedman
19. Ultimately, why did Veronica lose the Kane Scholarship?
The Kanes refused to award it to her
She was caught cheating on a test
She walked out on one of her exams
She thought another student deserved it more
20. Let's talk about the PCHers for a moment. Which of the following is not true?
Hector was killed on the bridge
Cervando was killed in the crash
Felix's brother was Weevil's predecessor as head of the PCHers
Thumper was killed in the stadium implosion

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