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How Well Do You Know: Better Off Ted, Season 2
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Better Off Ted Season 2 quiz

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1. "Love Blurts": Phil was alarmed when Veridian offered him:
Early retirement
A free vasectomy
A promotion to be Ted's supervisor
A 12-month unpaid vacation
2. "Love Blurts": While Linda steals creamer as her little act of rebellion, her genetically-determined love interest Greg is predisposed to:
Impersonating traffic cops
Meticulously tending gardens of poison ivy plants
Hanging out in the park dressed as a bear
Embezzling from soup kitchens and orphanages
3. "Love Blurts": Ted's prospects for Veridian-sponsored romance were undone by a long sequence of lies brought on by the fact that he couldn't remember the name of:
Flightless birds
The seventh dwarf
Billy Crystal movies
Cities in Utah
4. "The Lawyer, the Lemur and the Little Listener": Where do we first see Lem and his lawyer girlfriend Nadine totally making out?
In the elevator
In the lab
In the break room
In the supply closet
5. "The Lawyer, the Lemur and the Little Listener": According to Rose, what is the name of the Veridian employee that is going to be fired?
Jimmy Spaghetti
Sally Gingersnaps
Larry Pancake
Walter Raisins
6. "The Lawyer, the Lemur and the Little Listener": Linda's cartoon of the lemur was bastardized into a Japanese commercial selling:
Energy-ineficient lightbulbs
Razor blades
7. "Battle of the Bulbs": Finish this Dr. Bhamba quote: "This robe is so short that if I were ___________ , you could almost see my _________"
a bell / clapper
the southern hemisphere / Argentina
grandfather clock / pendulum
inclinometer / plumb-bob
8. "Battle of the Bulbs:": Attempting to impress his mother, Lem demonstrates his invention of:
A rattle that makes babies break dance
Chewing gum that causes immediate hair growth
A fountain pen that uses edible ink
Pop corn that pops in your mouth
9. "It's Nothing Business, It's Just Personal": A flashback demonstrated Mordor's ability to remove Veronica's underwear while they:
Withdrew money from the ATM
Played a piano duet
Played Scrabble
10. "It's Nothing Business, It's Just Personal": Veronica injured Mordor by:
Sawing him in half
Calling him a dillhole, in her mind
Shooting him with a spear gun spear
Accidentally running him over with her car several times
11. "It's Nothing Business, It's Just Personal": When Ted is banished to the Ridiculously Tiny Office, three people manage to cram into the office at the same time as Ted. Who was not one of them?
12. "It's Nothing Business, It's Just Personal": Describe the ancient Peruvian martial art of Quad-Dela-Ron-Sha:
Basically, throwing someone off a building
Giving someone a charley horse
Forceful and repeated slapping
A deadly offshoot of the spanking machine
13. "The Great Repression": Linda was accused of sexual harassment by giving a coworker a hug that:
Lasted 1.5 seconds longer than Veridian allowed
Was followed by a mistakenly placed pat to the backside
Drifted, boob-wardly
Caused a spontaneous orgasm
14. "The Great Repression": As a result of Veronica's mis-handling of the sexual harassment issue, all the Veridian employees act amorous toward each other. How do Veronica and Ted eventually put a stop to this?
By taxing the employees for each feel that is copped and lip that is kissed
By lacing the break room coffee with drugs
By parading the day care children through the office
By installing web cams throughout the office
15. "Beating a Dead Workforce": Phil and Lem develop a prototype for a sleep inducing machine, which is great and all, except that:
It only has military applications
When turned on, it eradicates all plant an animal life within a half mile radius
It's very, very, very loud
It induces vomiting
16. "Beating a Dead Workforce": Ted discovers Veridian employee Jenkins dead as Ted is about to:
Present him with a cake for being the hardest working employee
Fire him
Ask him if he wanted to date Linda
Tell him Veridian agreed to honor his request to by cryogenically frozen
17. "Beating a Dead Workforce": At Jenkins' memorial, Veronica:
Cries a single tear, then fires anyone who claims to have witnessed it
Clunks Phil and Lem's heads together like coconuts
Auctions Linda off to the highest bidder
Whips the Veridian employees into a frenzy to work even harder, for Jenkins' sake
18. "Change We Can't Believe In": A malfunctioning _______ causes panic throughout Veridian every time it activates, even when panic is not called for:
Coffee machine
PA System
Stairwell door
19. "Change We Can't Believe In": In the Veridian commercial that aired during the episode referred to this, saying: "It's the same as stealing"
Not giving 110%
Being satisfied
20. "The Impertence of Communicationizing": Which word appeared in a mis-typed memo lead to Veridian employees using bad language toward each other?
21. "The Impertence of Communicationizing": Arguably the high point of the episode was when we learn the full name of the Veridian HR woman, which is:
Janet S. Crotum
Katie C. Rotchrot
Mildred F. Allopian
Margaret T. Estes
22. "The Long and Winding High Road": Seeking an edge against a rival Veridian R&D team, Ted bribed the head product tester with:
A signed copy of the book Ethics in Testing
A date with Linda
A post-dated membership in the National Honor Society
23. "The Long and Winding High Road": The problem with the magnet-powered child's levitation device that the rival team developed was that it looked like:
A clown suit
A bib covered with vomit
A diaper
Fairy wings
24. "Lust in Translation": The goal of LindaBagel is to throw a bagel:
Down a secretary's blouse
Into a air vent
Down an elevator shaft
Off the roof of the Veridian building into an open manhole on the street below
25. "Lust in Translation": A reworked version of the Multi-Language Translator employs the voice of which Veridian employee?
26. "Lust in Translation": At the end of the episode, Veronica is temporarily deaf. Why?
The Multi-Language Translator malfunctioned badly
The Germans subjected her to extremely loud Oktoberfest music
She was poisoned when she ate a Super Bagel
She fell through the ceiling in a metal tube
27. "Mess of a Salesman": Veronica ascribes bloodthirsty and ultramilitaristic characteristics to this woodland animal:
A cub
A fawn
A chipmunk
A bunny
28. "Mess of a Salesman": Arriving at Veridian, Ted's brother Billy greets Ted with a hug and:
A punch to the groin
A summons
Flying kung-fu death kick
Ice cube down his back
29. "Mess of a Salesman": Billy talks Lem and Phil into ordering a __________ every month.
Killer lady robot kit
Humidifier and a dehumidifier
Vial of flesh-eating bacteria
30. Which of the following incidents of slapstick violence did not occur during Season 2?
Rose smashes Ted with a phone
Veronica sweeps Linda's leg
A robototic arm gives Lem a severe wedgie
Linda headbutts the head of the Veridian Foundation

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