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How Well Do You Know: 17 Again
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17 Again quiz

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1. What is the name of the high school where Mike O'Donnell was a big basketball star and met his wife?
East High School
Hayden High School
Ridgemont High School
Wingate Christian School
2. In what year is the first scene of the movie set?
3. Who is the water boy for the Hayden High School basketball team?
Dom, the guy everyone likes to give atomic wedgies
Mike (he wishes he could play basketball, but he's just not that good)
Ned, Mike's best friend and a bit of an embarrassment
Samir, the kid nobody knows
4. Before the big basketball game that could determine if he gets a full ride to college, what surprising thing does Mike do?
Dances with the cheerleaders during their pre-game number (what does he think this is, High School Musical?)
Signs up to participate in the upcoming musical (what does he think this is, High School Musical?)
Sings a duet with Scarlet (what do they think this is, High School Musical?)
Warms up for the game (I mean, surely he doesn't think this is High School Musical, right?)
5. After his big dance with the cheerleaders (bet you got that one wrong) but before the big game, what does Scarlet tell Mike?
That his ACT score is so bad that there's no way he can get a scholarship
That she's been accepted for early admission to Stanford University and is leaving town
That she's fallen for Ned and is breaking up with Mike
That she's pregnant
6. When we see present-day Mike (Matthew Perry), he's been kicked out of the house by Scarlet (yes, she was pregnant and he gave up his budding basketball career for her) and is living with nerd-friend Ned, but things are looking up because...
He bought a lottery ticket and he just knows he's going to win
He has a hot date with a 22-year-old
He's in line for a big promotion at work
He won the chance to try out for the Lakers as a walk-on
7. Sadly, Mike does not get the promotion he'd expected. Instead, it goes to Wendy, who has worked for the company for ______________ compared to Mike's 16 years of service.
2 months
1 year
2 years
27 years
8. A mysterious janitor is apparently responsible somehow for turning Mike back into his 17-year-old self. Who portrays this janitor?
Matt Damon
Brian Doyle Murray
Neil Flynn
John Kapelos
9. What does Ned say is a "more elegant weapon from a more civilized time"?
Glamdring, the sword of Gandalf
A lightsaber
A phaser
10. To prove to Ned that he is in fact "young Mike", Mike reveals all of the following knowledge about his friend except...
Ned asked Princess Leia to junior prom
Ned has an undescended testicle
Ned helped him cheat on his math test, but Mike got caught
Ned lost his virginity to a fellow Dungeons & Dragons gamer
11. Ned thinks all of the following are explanations for Mike's transformation to his old self except...
Mike is a Norse God
Mike is a time-traveling cyborg
Mike is a vampire
Mike made a wish at a fortune-telling machine
12. Why does Mike believe that his janitorial "spirit guide" has transformed him to the age of 17?
Let's just say that the janitor is a booster for Ole Miss and he has a lot invested in the basketball program
So that he can go back to high school and do things the "right way"
The janitor needs an apprentice to help him fight crime
To prevent the end of the world
13. How is it that Ned is so wealthy?
1) He's the guy who invented the software that helps people steal music
2) He's the guy who invented the software that prevents people from stealing music
3) Both 1 and 2
4) The reason for his wealth is never revealed
14. What name does Mike go by when he starts attending Hayden High School (for the second time)?
Link Larkin
Mark Gold
Ned Gold Jr.
Mike Smith
15. What strange accomplishment is listed in "Mark's" transcripts when Principal Masterson looks them over?
American Idol Semi-Finalist
Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Champion
Missoula Fly Fishing Master
Westminster Kennel Club Award winner for Best Trainer
16. One of Maggie's friends says of Mike/Mark, "If that boy were an apple, he'd be a..."
Granny Smith
Rome Beauty
17. Mike, of course, is now going to high school alongside his children, Maggie and Alex. What has happened to Alex when Mike encounters him in the bathroom?
Alex has been busted for skipping school
Alex has flunked a math test
Alex has just made the basketball team
The basketball team has just taped Alex to a toilet
18. Mike soon learns that his daughter, Maggie, has a boyfriend who isn't so nice. What is the name of the thug who she is dating?
19. While, doing some nifty basketball tricks, Mike/Mark explains to the cafeteria Stan's psychological reasons for being a bully. He mentions all of these except...
Like a caveman, Stan's brain is underdeveloped
Stan has a small wiener
Stan idolizes Biff Tannen
Underneath all his bravado, there's an insecure little girl banging on the closet door trying to get out.
20. Naturally, it's not long before grown-up Scarlet runs into "Mark", causing her some confusion as she finds the boy to be so similar in appearance to her husband. What guidance does Scarlet's friend Naomi offer up on this strange occasion?
"Let's go inside and get you a cold shower."
"Sure, he's cute, but I don't think he likes women."
"We've gotta get your divorce finalized. You're seeing things."
"You're not allowed to smell teenagers."
21. During a Health class discussion on human sexuality, the teacher makes the following comment: "I know asking high school seniors to be abstinent ..."
" like asking a porcupine to poop goat cheese. Yuck."
" only effective in the Twilight books."
" pretty silly. But hey, they made all these posters, so I have no choice."
" unrealistic. Don't look at me. I just teach the material."
22. What song did Scarlet and Mike dance to at their wedding?
"Bust a Move" by Young MC
"Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins
"Kid" by the Pretenders
"Nookie" by Limp Bizkit
23. When Alex finally gets the courage to approach Nicole, the girl of his dreams, what happens?
She ignores him completely.
She tells him he's on fire. Why? Because he's actually on fire. With flames and stuff.
She tells him she has a huge crush on "Mark".
She turns around and makes out with Stan.
24. After resisting all of his gifts and various advances, Principal Masterson finally agrees to go to dinner with Ned, where they make a real connection over their shared love for...
Fine wine
The Lord of the Rings
Reno 911
The X-Files
25. In the end, Mike finds the path his spiritual guide intended and gets his wife and his family back, transforming him back into his adult self. He also gets a new job. What is it?
Basketball coach at Hayden High School
Executive Assistant to Ned Gold
Regional Sales Manager at Wyatt Pharmaceutical

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