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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 22: Let Em Eat Cake
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Arrested Development Season 1 quiz

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This episode, the Bluth family are all on:
the Atkins diet
the South Beach diet
the Cabbage Soup diet
Barry Zuckerkorn wants Michael to take a polygraph test to use as evidence in court, but Gob wants to do it because he’s the oldest, the:
most worthy
best of us all
Lindsey’s history of bad business ideas includes a photo-enhancing store that shows what your child will look like in fifty years’ time called “Mommy What Will I Look Like?” and:
The Salty Lick, a gourmet sea salt provisoners
The Ultimate Rimmer, a frisbee sports store
Dip-a-Pet, a custom pet coloring provider
Karma Passions, a yoga singles bar
Meanwhile, Tobias has written a book, which has suddenly caught fire in the gay community. What’s the title of the book?
Figuring It Out
Coming Out From The Silence
The Man Inside Me
Do I Have A Choice?
What contraband item does Gob bring into the prison visitors area?
handcuff keys
magic “wand”
Japanese sword
Turns out that the Bluth Company is in more trouble that initially revealed, because it:
built mini-mansions in Iraq
hasn’t paid taxes since the Seventies
never bothered to comply with fiddly building codes
has been diluting its cement with cornstarch for years
Michael asks Lucille is she knows anything about George Sr. building houses in Iraq. She claims she doesn’t know anything, but provides all but one of the following pieces of circumstantial evidence:
he used to come back from business trips reeking of lamb
people would send figs as gifts in the middle of October
Qusay Hussein came to their anniversary party
someone once sent George Sr. a toe and he went as white as a sheet
Barry has poison oak. Where did he pick that up?
hiking the Appalachian Trail
Botanical Gardens
summer camp
highway rest stop
Annyong and Buster are having an argument over who can be the first to get a girlfriend, so Buster is delighted when _______ calls him up for a date.
Lucille 2
George Sr. has a heart attack is taken to the hospital and the doctor advises “We lost him, he just got away from us.” What does this mean?
George Sr. has died
George Sr. has faked his own death
George Sr. has escaped
George Sr. is in a coma

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