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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 17: Altar Egos
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Arrested Development Season 1 quiz

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The prosecution has offered George Sr. a plea bargain. However, his lawyer Barry has not read it yet because:
he’s been trying to get back out into the dating world
he’s just been so busy working for his other “clients”
this suntan doesn’t come out on its own, you know
he’s been working on his own lawsuit against the L.A. Kings
Michael was a lawyer once – in a tenth-grade school play:
Law & Order: Mother Goose
The Trial of Captain Hook
Who Stole The Tarts?
Aladdin and his Magic Lawsuit
According to Gob, ‘lawyer’ is Latin for:
one-night stand
one more than five
Michael meets attorney Maggie Lizer and goes home with her. The next morning he discovers that she is:
not as attractive as when he bought her drinks
George Sr.’s prosecutor
wearing a wig
Fortunately, Michael gave Maggie a fake identity. What was it?
Renny Faker, canon lawyer
Lector Likely, counsel for international criminal law
Chareth Cutestory, maritime attorney
Melliot Stabone, space law advocate
Turns out Gob also had a one-night stand, which involved all of the following except:
riding in a shopping cart
robbing a convenience store
getting married
consummating the one-night stand
Gob’s new wife is a:
jade trader
seal dealer
bell seller
coke broker
Meanwhile, FBI agent Cindi Lightballoon has fallen in love with George Sr. after seeing his ‘Caged Wisdom’ videos and tells George Sr. that he will be set free. Unfortunately for George Sr.:
Cindi is on leave from the FBI for mental health reasons
Cindi is playing him so he will not take the plea bargain
Cindi does not know what a blooper reel is
Cindi is making up stuff so George Sr. will tweak her nipples again
In other news, George Michael discovers that Maeby is leading a double life. Her alter ego’s name is:
Sertainly Fünke
Surely Fünke
Fermly Fünke
Clarely Fünke
Of the following, what do we see Barry Zuckerkorn do this episode:
say “Aaayyyyyy” while snapping his fingers
kicking a vending machine until a can of soda rolls out
preparing to comb his hair, then noticing his hair is perfect
treat the men’s room as his “office”

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