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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 15: Staff Infection
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 Arrested Development Season 1 quiz

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Lindsay got a job in a clothing store, where later Gob came in with a box of mice to try to shoplift. She was not a receptionist until she worked for Bob Lawbla
Shipoopi1213 12/18/11 3:51 pm


Tobias wants to check in to:
a Turkish bath
the Siemens Hotel
a hospital for the venereally diseased
a men’s penal colony
The new prison warden, a patron of the arts, is played by:
Regis Philbin
Jerry Orbach
James Lipton
Kathy Griffin
Now Tobias is at work, Lindsey feels challenged to do the same. She finds work as
a receptionist
a shop assistant
a real estate agent
a spokesperson
Michael gets Buster to work in the copy room. Lucille advises Michael:
Buster doesn’t like confined spaces
to take careful inventory of the paper
not go in there without knocking
to flick the lights on and off once every hour
George Sr. is making converts to his new way of life. He tells Little Justice that the yarmulke will protect him, but unfortunately it does not protect him from:
a shiv
a pipe
a bar of soap in a sock
a toothbrush
We learn that Gob does an unconvincing chicken impression that involves stamping, clapping and shouting:
cha chi-cha chi-cha chi-cha
Buster is now working at the construction site and is impressed with the rough language used. One of the men told him to:
take his head out of his bottom
stop eating his boogers and get back to work
shut his grinning idiot face
stop acting like a penis
In this episode, the Bluth Company workforce is frequently compared to:
How do they settle disputes at the construction site?
mud wrestling
fencing with two-by-fours
nail-gun duel
bulldozer chicken
On the next Arrested Development:
Frustrated by shoddy construction, Michael makes a better sandcastle
Lucille tries again to dress Annyong for work
Buster is banned from the construction site
George sells Tobias for a pack of cigarettes

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