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How Well Do You Know: Star Trek (Part 2)
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Star Trek quiz

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1. Kirk has an adverse reaction to the immunization shot. Which of these is not one of the symptoms?
Elevated heart rate
Ginormously swelled hands
Numb Tongue
The same itching, burning sensation he would have gotten if he had closed the deal with Gaila the night before.
2. After Nero offers a friendly introduction to Captain Pike (no, really!), he begins a conversation with which crew member?
3. Every Star Trek film has some sort of doomsday weapon, whether it be Genesis, V'ger, an alien whale probe or William Shatner's ego. What is the doomsday weapon in Star Trek?
Eric Bana's acting (if you weren't thinking this, you should have been)
Dark Matter
Red Matter
4. Three people space jump from the shuttle per soon-to-be-captive Captain Pike's orders. Which of these is not one of them?
Olson (hint: he's the red-shirt in this scenario)
5. Which of these people is *not* captain of the Enterprise at some point during the film?
6. During the exciting space jump to the drill, which of these things does not happen?
Kirk's chute fails to deploy, but his fall is broken by Olsen's malfunctioned chute.
Olsen doesn't open his chute fast enough and is incinerated in a glorious red-shirt death sequence.
Sulu kicks a Romulan into a fireball of death.
Sulu stabs a Romulan through the chest then kicks him into the void.
7. Why does Winona Ryder...err, Spock's mother die during the fall of Vulcan?
Chekov fails to get a lock on her signal. It's karma for all the shoplifting.
Martha Dumptruck finally gains her revenge.
She is fasting in another area of the temple.
Spock arrives just as a temple statue crushes her
8. Nero needs to know only one thing from captured Captain Pike. What is it?
Can two Spocks exist in one timeline?
Does Spock have any loved ones other than his parents?
Starfleet security codes for Earth (subspace frequencies if you need to hear it in Nerd)
Weren't you in Nowhere Man?
9. Why is Kirk kicked off of the Enterprise?
He mutinies against Spock but no one joins him. They'll regret that when Khan shows up in the next film.
He says something truly regrettable about Spock's recently deceased mother.
He wants to launch a rescue mission while Spock wants to reunite with Starfleet.
Uhura falsely accuses him of working with Nero, knowing Spock will side with her.
10. After being marooned on the planet nearby, Kirk is attacked by some sort of spider-dinosaur thingy. We'll call it Dennis. Who saves Kirk from Dennis?
Current Spock
Current Scotty
Future Spock
11. What destroyed Romulus in Nero and Future Spock's timeline?
James Tiberius Kirk (you just can't take him anywhere)
Red Matter
Remus (the planet, not the mythological twin who founded Rome)
Supernova star
12. Why did Nero save Future Spock's life?
In hopes of changing the future timeline.
In hopes of protecting the future timeline.
So that Spock would know his pain by watching his homeworld be destroyed.
Spock was the only one who knew the location of red matter.
13. Who was the unwitting subject of Scotty's initial test of his transwarp theory?
Bones...who wasn't happy.
Scotty himself...who wound up stuck in an Enterprise hydraulic tube.
The prize beagle of some Starfleet admiral.
That weird Ewok-looking thing he lives with.
14. How does Kirk prove that Spock is emotionally compromised and thereby unfit to command the Enterprise?
Kirk lets (?) Spock beat the Vulcan daylights out of him.
Kirk proves that Spock is responsible for the genetic mutation abomination that is spider-dinosaur.
Kirk uses the sworn testimony of Future Spock.
The scheme involves Uhura, Tribbles, and a vibrating phaser set to "fun".
15. Who beams aboard the Narada and throws down with the Romulans?
Kirk and Spock but not Sulu
16. What is Uhura's first name (I know this is a bit arcane, but it is a plot point in the film).
17. What's a good sci-fi film without a little Deus ex machina? Why is Spock able to fly the ship captured on the Narada?
He learned how while compiling the Kobayashi Maru simulation (you thought you'd heard the last of that, didn't you?).
Nero conveniently/stupidly starts it for him.
Romulans and Vulcan share similar ancestry and thereby DNA.
Spock's voice print and facial recognition are registered in the system because of Future Spock.
18. While Spock is in full-on Hero mode, which of these feats does he not accomplish?
He crashes his ship into the Narada similar to how Papa Kirk did at the start of the film.
He destroys the drill currently shooting up San Francisco (serves them right for Barry Bonds).
He manipulates the Narada away from Earth, thereby saving all of humanity from lots of uncomfortable alien anal probes.
He vexes Nero enough that the madman doesn't notice Kirk shoving him off the bridge to his death.
19. Evil henchman says: "Your species is even weaker than I expected. You can't even speak. What?" Kirk says:
"Do you realize you're standing on a fire vent?"
"I got your gun."
"My phaser is set to 'boil Romulans alive'."
"You talk, I shoot."
20. Finish the quote: "It's logic, Spock. I thought you'd like that."
"Are you out of your Vulcan mind?"
"He killed my mother. He should prepare to die."
"No, not really. Not this time."
"You make a lousy Vulcan, Jim."
21. Every great villain, even one played by Nero, gets a great parting line as they die in a sea of shrapnel. What are Nero's last words?
"History is right about you, James Tiberius Kirk."
"I really hate you Spock."
"I would rather die in agony than accept assistance from you."
"Wasn't I great in Chopper? Did you see it? Anybody?"
22. Captain Pike gets promoted to Admiral at the end of the film, but the news isn't all good. What's his problem?
He is confined to a wheelchair (dude just can't catch a break).
He loses his hearing.
He loses his left eye.
Kirk's actions are his responsibility from now on, which is scary.
23. How does Future Spock get back to the future?
He follows the wreckage of the Narada through the singularity.
He uses the formula he learned in Star Trek IV: The Search for Spock. No, really.
In an upset, he doesn't. There are now two Spocks permanently in the present.
Two words: flux capacitor.
24. Who gets to narrate the "space, the final frontier" boiler plate at the end of the film?
Chris Pine
Leonard Nimoy
Simon Pegg
Zachary Quinto
25. What are Future Spock's final words to Current Spock (keeping in mind that Future Spock is now also a Current Spock...don't you just hate time travel?)?
Good luck.
Live long and prosper.
Our mother would be very proud of you.
You do the thing with the separated fingers pretty well, young fella.

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