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How Well Do You Know: Star Trek (Part 1)
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Star Trek quiz

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1. The start of the film takes place on which starship?
USS Enterprise
USS Excalibur
USS Kelvin
USS Stargazer
2. Who is charge of the starship attacked by the Romulan ship, Narada?
Christopher Pike
George Samuel Kirk, Sr.
Winona Kirk
Richard Robau
3. Here is a gimme. Who is evil Eric Bana...err, Captain Nero trying to find?
Ambassador Spock
Christopher Pike
James Tiberius "not even born for ten more minutes" Kirk.
Gaila. Sweet, green, promiscuous, semi-nekkid Gaila.
4. While newly promoted captain George Kirk is waiting to commit heroic suicide, he and that chick from House debate what to name their infant son. What name does Winona Kirk suggest to her soon to be blown to bits husband?
5. Remember the ubiquitous trailers for Star Trek on every television channel? What crime is tween James T. Kirk (presumably) committing in this sequence, his post-birth introduction in the film?
Driving Without a License
Grand Theft Auto
All of the above (way to go, tween-Kirk!)
6. Don't you hate exploding planets? Hey, whose home world gets destroyed in this film?
Nero and Spock but not lovely, delicious Gaila.
7. The snooty head of the Vulcan Science Academy clarifies that Spock has achieved so much despite this disadvantage:
His half-human intellect
His human father
His human mother
His smallish ears...there are Vulcan medications that can help with that, you know.
8. What gets Kirk into a bar fight?
An angry stepfather resents having his classic convertible wrecked.
A girl named Uhura.
The choices were "tastes great" and "less filling" and he picked wrong.
He's a Yankees fan and Yankees fans deserve to be beaten.
9. Uhuru is one of those overachiever career women. What is her initial vocation of choice?
Soccer coach. No, really.
Universal Translator Inventor
Xenolinguistics (I have no idea what that means)
There is no shame in participating in the world's oldest profession, even if it means you have to rub a Ferengi's ears every now and again.
10. What is the first thing Kirk says to Captain Pike?
"Anyone ever tell you that you look just like JFK?"
"At ease, soldier."
"My dad was just like you, only deader."
"You can whistle really loud, you know that?"
11. Complete the quote: "Your father was captain of a starship for 12 minutes."
"He saved 800 lives, including your mother's. And yours."
"I bet you could make it a full 15."
"If he hadn't died that day, he'd be the one telling you this right now."
"That's a dozen minutes of greatness you'll never have unless you grow up fast."
12. What does James Tiberius (Tibby to his friends) Kirk give away when he enlists in Starfleet?
His convertible...well, his stepfather's convertible
His motorcycle
His puppy dog, George
His virginity (way to go, Uhura!)
13. Inside of a minute on an interplanetary vessel, Kirk makes his first friend. Who is it?
Dr. Leonard McCoy
Hikaru Sulu
Montgomery Scott
Pavel Chekov
14. What did Dr. McCoy's ex-wife take in the divorce?
Everything that wasn't nailed down and a few nails just for spite.
His bones. What type of medical procedure is that anyway?
His house, his dog and his mistress. Hot!
The whole damn planet
15. No one could ever accuse Kirk of being a quitter. How many times does he take the Kobayashi Maru?
16. Complete the quote: "Jim, I think I love you."
"Uhuru, I'm Spock. Who is Jim?"
"Me too!" (Signed, William Shatner)
"That is so weird."
"You've got awful taste in men."
17. Who is Kirk romancing at the Academy?
Gaila, most tempting of all gorgeous green aliens
Hannity, assistant programmer of the Kobayashi Maru
Uhura (women can only resist the Tibby Charm for so long)
Jake Gyllenhaal
18. While undressing (this is why people love J.J. Abrams), Uhuru offers this plot point that will be important later in the film:
An armada of Klingon ships has been destroyed.
A black hole briefly appeared near Vulcan.
An as yet unknown Romulan dialect was picked up near Vulcan.
Vulcan's primary moon is incapable of sustaining human life.
19. How does Kirk beat the unbeatable Kobayashi Maru test?
He cheats like a 1990s baseball slugger, reprogramming the system to disable Klingon shields.
He shuts down the power, ending the simulation before it can win.
Scotty secretly programs a "god mode" for the simulation that makes the ship invincible.
Two words: Brett Favre.
20. Hey, who is in charge of running the Kobayashi Maru simulation and thereby slightly miffed at Kirk?
Captain Pike
21. What interrupts Kirk's academic tribunal hearing?
A distress call from Romulus.
A distress call from Vulcan.
Starfleet headquarters is attacked by the Narada's drill.
Starfleet headquarters is attacked by the Narada's energy beam, destroying the Golden Gate Bridge in the process.
22. On which starship does Spock have his girlfriend, Uhura (nice pull, brother!), assigned?
USS Antares
USS Enterprise
USS Farragut
USS Galileo
23. How is Kirk sneaked onto the Enterprise while he's on academic suspension?
Chekov claims he's a security officer on the bridge.
McCoy gives him a vaccine that (literally) sickens him.
Pike temporarily overrules the tribunal's ruling.
Uhuru hides him under her skirt. (Nice pull, brother!)
24. Why is the Enterprise the last starfleet vessel to enter warp?
Kirk announces his presence on the bridge and chaos ensues.
Spock is late because he's getting berated by Uhura.
Sulu makes a rookie mistake, forgetting to take off the parking brake (or something like that in sci-fi techno babble).
Vulcan sends a special message to Spock from that chick from Heathers who plays his mom.
25. How old is Pavel Chekov, the navigator of the Enterprise, stated to be?

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