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How Well Do You Know: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
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Too easy
Iamstrube 8/28/11 7:38 pm


1. What animal appears first in the film?
A snake
A rat
An owl
A Hippogriff
2. As the film opens, Harry is
Staying with Hermione
Staying with Ron and his family
At Hogwarts
With the Dursleys
3. Which future participant of the Tri-Wizard tournament is playing in the Quiddich World Cup?
Cedric Diggory
Harry Potter
Viktor Krum
Fleur Delacour
4. What happened at the end of the Quiddich World Cup?
Harry and Ron use a portkey for the first time
Harry catches a train to Hogwarts
Goblins attack
Death Eaters attack
5. When they enter Hogwarts, the girls from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic wear what color?
6. In the film, the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is:
Mad-Eye Moody
Dolores Umbridge
7. Who suffers a backfiring aging potion?
George and Fred Weasley
8. Which was not true of the odd circumstances surrounding the Goblet of Fire selecting the champions?
Harry was selected, though he did not put his name in
After being selected, Harry was thought to be a cheat
Harry's inclusion brought the number of champions to five
Harry was too young to have entered
9. The fairly annoying reporter from the Daily Prophet is named:
Delores Umbridge
Parvati Patil
Rita Skeeter
Pansy Parkinson
10. Sirius appears to Harry:
In a mirror
In the form of an owl
On the Marauder's Map
In fireplace embers
11. The first task of the tournament includes which magical creatures?
Really big spiders
12. Harry survives the first task by:
Summoning his broom
Turning himself invisible
Hermione casting a freezing spell on the dragon
Putting the dragon to sleep
13. Who is Hermione's date to the ball?
Professor Snape
Cedric Diggory
George Weasley
Viktor Krum
14. Who tips off Harry about opening the egg under water?
Nearly Headless Ned
Moaning Myrtle
15. What did the champions have to recover from the bottom of the lake in the second task?
That which they value most
A chest of gold
Their wands
16. Which of the champions was not able to complete the second task?
17. Which student told Harry how he could breathe underwater?
18. When Harry "falls into" one of Dumbledore's memories in the pensieve, who is accused of collusion with Voldemort?
Professor McGonagall
James Potter
Barty Crouch Jr
Sirius Black
19. Which student was turned into a ferret during the film?
20. What was locked in the trunk in Mad-Eye Moody's office?
A baby dragon
A giant spider
Mad-Eye Moody
The Goblet of Fire
21. What happened at the beginning of each of the three challenges?
A cannon misfired
Dumbledore intoned a chant to protect the champions
The champions swore they would try their hardest
The rules of the tournament were read from the beginning
22. What does not go into the cauldron in the cemetery?
Voldemort's body
Harry's blood
Peter Pettigrew's hand
Cedric's wand
23. After Voldemort is reconstituted, several Death Eaters appear. Who is among them?
Barty Crouch Sr
Lucius Malfoy
24. What actor plays Voldemort in the film?
Bob Hoskins
Anthony Hopkins
Adrien Brody
Ralph Fiennes
25. How was Barty Crouch Jr able to carry off his deception?
With the Avada Kedavra curse
By enchanting everyone at Hogwarts
By paying off Mad-Eye Moody
Polyjuice pilfered from the Potions professor

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