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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 14: Shock and Aww
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Arrested Development Season 1 quiz

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Michael is sharing a bed for the first time in years with:
George Michael
This episode, George Michael has a hopeless crush in Miss Baerly, who is his:
gym teacher
science teacher
French teacher
ethics teacher
Lucille has adopted a Korean boy to teach Buster a lesson. Why?
to get a son who will clean up his room
to get a son who won’t take up all the room on the couch
to get a son who will eat his cottage cheese
to get a son who won’t be too friendly with the vacuum cleaner
George Sr. is visited by Cindi Lightballoon, a fan of Caged Wisdom, who also lost four pounds on his Low-Carb Jail Bars. What flavour are they?
mixed nut
apple crisp
Miss Baerly is played by:
Heather Graham
Elizabeth Banks
Rebecca Romijn
Reese Witherspoon
Miss Baerly is anti-war and anti-violence, but seems to have a hopeless crush of her own, on:
Kim Jong-Il
Saddam Hussein
Robert Mugabe
Vladimir Putin
Due to a misunderstanding, everyone calls the new Korean Bluth ‘Annyong’. Annyong is Korean for:
Thank you
Excuse me
Cindi Lightballoon turns out to be an undercover FBI agent. What cover do her colleagues in the surveillance van use?
shoe delivery
mobile pet groomers
prison florists
laundry repair
In an effort to get even with Michael, Gob sleeps with Edna Whitehead:
the civics teacher
the history teacher
the math teacher
the librarian
Miss Baerly took over the class after the usual teacher, Mr. Daniels, had a stroke. What appears to have been the cause of the stroke?
an encounter with Lucille in the school parking lot
Child Services seized the Korean boy he`d adopted
Maeby asked him to be her date at the school`s diversity dance
Gob slept with him in an effort to get back at Michael

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