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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 11: Public Relations
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Arrested Development Season 1 quiz

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George Michael is interviewing to go to the prestigious Milford Academy, an institution once famous for its credo that:
children should be neither seen nor heard
the child is father to the man
spare the rod and spoil the child
a burnt child dreads the fire
The headline of today’s Orange Country Tribune reads:
Bluth Matron Drunk at Drink Driving Charity Event
Bluth Matron Thrown Out of Country Club, Yells Obscenities
Bluth Matron in Brawl at Klimpy’s Family Style Restaurant
Bluth Matron Resuscitates Homeless Person
Michael hires Jesse, a publicist he has been flirting with. Jesse’s advice to the Bluths is to get jobs and behave. What job does Gob take on?
volunteer at a senior centre
vodka promoter
Torah study group leader
banana salesman
How many women has Michael slept with?
Buster’s job is to:
keep his mother busy
take up boxing at a local gym
hold a seminar for disadvantaged youth
stay out of sight
Tobias meets fastidious tightwad Carl Weathers:
at an audition for a prison-based sitcom
in an airport shuttle
at a 99-cent store
going through his garbage
Michael has just told Jessie that he doesn’t want to date, so she dumps him as a client. This is bad timing for Gob, who needs Jesse to spin something for him:
indecent exposure
Which is not one of Carl Weathers’ pieces of advice for cheapskates?
airlines will pay you money if you get bumped from a flight
you should buy all your cars at police auction
you might be able to get free or half-priced meals from relatives who work in a restaurant
save on your electricity bill by visiting friends and relatives as often as possible during summer
What prompts the Narrator to say that Jessie had gone too far and had best watch her mouth?
she says that A Beautiful Mind didn’t deserve any of its Oscars
she says Michael is afraid of sex, just like Richie Cunningham
she says Clint Howard’s character has a career only because of his successful brother
she calls George Michael ‘Opie’
Jessie has gone too far, and at the end of the episode she:
is brawling with Lindsay and Lucille
is the subject of a humiliating story on page seven of the Orange County Tribune
is reduced to acting as publicist for Bronson Pinchot
is dating Carl Weathers

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