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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 10: Pier Pressure
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Arrested Development Season 1 quiz

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George Sr. used his considerable means to stage intricate scenarios to teach his children valuable life lessons. They generally involved:
the children being arrested by the police
George Sr. running over somebody
Michael and Gob fighting each other
someone having his arm ripped off
Name the stripping agency Gob used to work for:
Salty Seamen
Pole Dancers
Hot Cops
Fill in the blank: “If you’re worried about criticism, sometimes ______ is the best defence.”
being prepared
your brain
a diet
a knife
George Sr tells Michael that the kids killed J. Walter Weatherman when:
they didn’t refill the ice cube tray
they left the door open with the air conditioner on
they didn’t rewind the video tape before returning it to the store
they didn’t unpack the car immediately after they got back from vacation
What did Maeby get in spelling?
a raincloud
a frowny face
a crocodile
an angry clown
If George Michael fails math, there goes his chance:
at convincing his father to let him to go math camp
at a good job and a happy life full of hard work
at being elected school president
at ever getting a girlfriend
Buster asks George Michael to buy some marijuana for his girlfriend Lucille Austero. Michael had told George Michael that Buster was Lucille 2’s:
special friend
charity worker
George Michael, buying marijuana for Buster, realises the bust is a fake because one of the Hot Cops is his:
gym teacher
choir teacher
civics teacher
art teacher
Maeby has to help Lucille for the day as punishment. Lucille rewards her with the elephant brooch she got after:
Pop-pop yelled out “Oh Melanie” when he was making love to Gangee
Pop-pop arrived home late after helping a young lady find her dog
the week they had the au pair
she caught Pop-pop sleeping with her sister
What is George Sr’s final lesson to his Michael?
don’t interfere in your son’s life
don’t get involved with drugs
don’t be a stripper for money
don’t teach lessons to your son

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