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How Well Do You Know: Chicken Run
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1. The film primarily uses what method of animation?
Classic hand-drawn animation
2. Who voices Rocky?
Hugh Grant
Hugh Laurie
Mel Gibson
Gilbert Godfried
3. At the beginning of the film, what is the Tweedys' primary interest in the chickens?
Their feathers
Their meat
Their eggs
4. When we first see Mr. Tweedy, what is he doing?
Patrolling the perimeter of the chicken coop with his dog
Eating a chicken
Apologizing to Mrs. Tweedy
Watching a soccer game on the television
5. After being caught on her first escape attempt, where is Ginger thrown?
Under a bus
Into a laundry machine
Into the doghouse
Into a coal bin
6. The sweet if naive chicken named Babs busies herself with what hobby?
Composing songs
Jigsaw puzzles
Crossword puzzles
7. Fowler claims he used to be
A member of the largest chicken farm in all the British Empire
In the RAF
A spy for United Chickens International
Able to lay eggs himself
8. Poor Edwina meets with a woeful fate. Why?
She mouthed off to Mrs. Tweedy
She mouthed off to Mr. Tweedy
She was caught trying to escape
She wasn't meeting her egg quota
9. The name of the rats are Nick and:
The Great Ratsby
10. Mrs. Tweedy is sick and tired of
Mr. Tweedy's inadequacies
Minuscule profits
The parliamentary system of government
The chickens' fresh attitude
11. The name of the chicken is the Scottish accent is:
12. From his accompanying poster fragment, what does Ginger discern about Rocky?
He is President of All Chickens
He is very strong
He can fly
He is a Libra
13. Mac determines that the missing factor that prevents the chickens from flying is
14. Rocky obtains supplies from the rats, and promises them what in exchange?
A date with Ginger
Every egg he lays that month
Flying lessons
A bag of chicken feed every week
15. To raise the chickens' sagging spirits, Rocky organizes:
A sing-along
An ice cream social
A dance
A night at the movies
16. Which chicken does Mr. Tweedy grab to test out the pie machine?
17. Which is not a component of the pie machine?
Metal gears that grind up the chicken meat
A gun that squirts gravy
Skewers to spear the mixed vegetables
A roller that flattens the dough
18. What is a reason that the pie machine fails?
The chickens cut the electricity
The gravy pressure builds up too high
The vegetables run out
A chicken bone gets caught in the gears
19. When Rocky apparently leaves the coop, he leaves behind the bottom half of his poster, which reveals what?
He is a war criminal
His 'flying' was a result of being shot out of a cannon
He wasn't American at all, but Canadian
He is a mean drunk
20. Rocky sees a billboard advertising Mrs. Tweedy's pies, carrying what slogan?
Endorsed by Mr. Tweedy
The secret ingredient is love
Adequately flavourful
It's the woman's touch
21. Overcome by Ginger and her mates, Mr. Tweedy screams, "Mrs. Tweedy, the chickens are revolting!" Mrs. Tweety replies:
Finally, something we agree on.
I'm sorry, I don't speak Coward
And Beckham's a wanker, but life goes on
I know you are, but what am I?
22. The final escape is complicated by:
The wheels of the plane breaking off
Mr. Tweedy splitting the plane in two
The plane crashing into the fence
Mrs. Tweedy grabbing the string of lights trailing the plane
23. The film ends with the rats running through a version of which routine?
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Who's on first?
Pull my finger
24. What British actress voices Mrs. Tweedy?
Judi Dench
Maggie Smith
Keira Knightley
Miranda Richardson
25. Chicken Run contains nods to other films, notably The Great Escape and:
Star Wars
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Die Hard
Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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