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How Well Do You Know: Scrubs: Season Nine
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Scrubs Season 9 quiz

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1. "Our First Day of School": J.D.'s signal for when his students should take notes evolves from a nod of the head to what?
A tip of the cap
Jazz hands
Tapping his belt
Kissing Turk
2. "Our First Day of School": J.D. meets up with Lucy (and teaches her how to handle Dr. Cox) after being serendipitously drawn to her by following a _____ that lands by her feet.
Sheet of paper
3. "Our Drunk Friend": Cox forces Drew to wear what number on his chest?
4. "Our Drunk Friend": To raise money for a sick patient, Lucy does what?
Hosts a car wash
Hosts a bake sale
Hosts a telethon
Gives up
5. "Our Role Models": Who said it? "It's beautiful. Honestly, the nicest shirt I've ever received from a grown married man."
6. "Our Histories": Cole has a strange aversion to _____. He can't even touch the stuff.
Peanut butter
7. "Our Histories": J.D. and Turk show up to a med school party dressed as _____. The had been told it was a themed party by Cox.
Cowboys and indians
8. "Our Histories": Cole uses the tune of _____ for his song about final interviews, which are the conversations patients have with their doctors before passing.
"The Final Countdown"
"This is How We Do It"
"The Hey Song"
"Rock This Party"
9. "Our Mysteries": During J.D.'s final lecture, he presents a compilation of memories -- mainly pictures -- set to _____.
"Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)"
"(I've Had) the Time of My Life"
"I Will Remember You"
10. "Our Mysteries": J.D.'s special balloon treat doesn't function when he wants it to. However, it functions later after _____.
Lucy confesses to cheating on an exam
Turk enters the room in boxers
Todd gives J.D. a "balloon five"
Cox tells him he gave J.D. a bad performance review
11. "Our New Girl-Bro": Cox momentarily shuts the hospital down completely because _____.
Cole was bouncing out of a voluntary instructure session
A tiger got loose in the hospital halls
Lucy didn't know any of the answers to Cox's rapid fire questions
He forgot to eat lunch
12. "Our New Girl-Bro": Elliot is reminded of her young sister when Lucy is explaining her daily stressors. Elliot cries and asks Lucy to say something that will remind her that she's crazy. So, Lucy _____.
Says hello in five languages
Demonstrates a dance she learned from a Black Eyed Peas video
Shows off a bathing suit she's wearing because she ran out of underwear
Bangs her head against the wall three consecutive times
13. "Our White Coats": Elliot’s reason for being a doctor: “I’m a doctor because my parents made me.” Why is Denise a doctor?
She likes scabs
She likes seeing people suffer
She likes controlling other peoples' lives
She doesn't know
14. "Our White Coats": Who said it? "I hope the school has insurance, because my keynote speech is gonna blow the roof off this mother."
15. "Our Couples": Cole asks Lucy if he can borrow her laptop because his computer is tied up downloading episodes of _____.
Small Wonder
The Golden Girls
Full House
16. "Our Couples": "Now I know exactly what it feels like to be in a Morgan Freeman movie." Why does Cox say this?
He and Turk have a heart to heart
He and Drew have a heart to heart
He teaches Lucy a valuable lesson about terminal patients
He receives upsetting news from Denise
17. "Our Stuff Gets Real": Meant for the baby, J.D.'s new walkie talkies turn into a new device for J.D. and Turk to use. What is Turk's code name on the walkies?
Owl Cat
Water Boy
Panther Claw
18. "Our Stuff Gets Real": One night, Lucy sneaks into the hospital morgue. Why?
To retrieve a bag she left there
To get ready for an exam
To shortcut to the parking garage
To see if Turk and J.D. are really playing hide and seek in the hospital
19. "Our True Lies": Of the two new prominent couples, who among the four is the first to say they love their significant other?
20. "Our True Lies": Cole can read Lucy like a book. How does he know when she's lying?
She bites her hair
She turns red
She looks at her hands
She sucks her thumb
21. "Our Dear Leaders": Turk: "Sir, do you just hang around waiting for conversations to weigh in on?" Dr. Kelso: "Yeah, that and my _____ get me through the day."
Prescription meds
Judge shows
Mary Jane
22. "Our Driving Issues": Lucy promises to rally the study group by bribing them with _____. Unfortunately, no one shows up.
Chips and dip
23. "Our Driving Issues": After a successful surgery, Cole tries to show his friends that he cares about them by buying them _____.
24. "Our Thanks": Cole announces that he wants to be a surgeon, so Turk designs a number of tasks for him to complete. Which of the following is Cole not asked to do by Turk?
Hold a clamp for as long as Turk decides
Successfully remove a fortune from a fortune cookie with tweezers
Sew a teddy bear together
Complete a game of Operation without any mistakes
25. "Our Thanks": Denise: Risotto? That's gay for 'rice', isn't it?” Drew: “Yeah, and shrimp is gay for '_____'."

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