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Fast and Furious quiz

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1. Much has changed in the period between the first film and this one. Which of these statements is not true?
The director of the least successful film, Tokyo Drift, still got to direct this sequel to it.
Han from Tokyo Drift is now part of Dom's crew.
Paul Walker is no longer a licensed law enforcement official.
Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez all return after missing the last two films (except for one of them doing a cameo).
2. A robbery takes place in the introductory scene of the movie. What is being stolen?
Absurdly expensive art
Cars (duh)
Nitrous Oxide
3. The kindly driver of the gas tanker has a pet who rides shotgun. What type of creature is it?
Bulldog (named Ugmo)
Cat (named Princess Peach)
Iguana (name unknown)
Wookie...or maybe that's Cole Hauser
4. The crew consists of Dom (Vin Diesel), Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), Han Lue (that guy from Tokyo Drift), Rico and Tego (those two guys who talk in subtitles). Which of them gets trapped on the fuel tanker and needs rescuing?
Han Lue
Rico or Tego, I forget which is which
5. Oh, FBI agent Brian O'Conner, do you ever stop with the high speed chases? What is future Academy Award winner Paul Walker doing at the start of the film?
Chasing a thug in a foot race/gun fight over roof tops, apartments and out in the streets.
Pursuing a thug in a high speed car chase in LA.
Pursuing a thug in a high speed car chase in Barcelona.
Sleepwalking his way through yet another role. (Amazingly, this is not the correct answer.)
6. The problem with later films in a franchise is that people need to suffer/die to shake things up a bit. We're a bloodthirsty society, bro. Which character's death is the motivation for many of the key events of Fast & Furious?
David Park
Mia (Jordana Brewster)
7. What every great action flick needs is a villain with a memorable name. Hans Gruber, Khan Noonien Singh, Cole Hauser and Lord Vader all agree with me on this. What is the name of the mysterious drug kingpin Dom and Brian want to bring down?
Arturo Braga
David Park
Dwight Fenix
Joey Joe-Joe Junior Shabadoo
8. Every good action movie needs its cliche. In this film, it's the government agency employees. Which of these is not a (semi-developed) character in Fast & Furious?
The hard-ass boss who demands results and hates office politics.
The random co-worker who despises the hero and does everything possible to diminish him in front of the boss, other co-workers and the powers that be, eventually getting punched by said hero.
The rookie who has a short fuse but shows a lot of promise if he can just learn to put his trust in future Academy Award winner Paul Walker.
The too-pretty computer geek chick who is clearly carrying an unrequited torch for our hero (using the term hero loosely here to define Paul Walker).
9. In examining the scene of the crime and going all CSI on the pavement, Dom realizes that Letty had what happen to her after her car crash?
She was raped by Arturo Braga to send a message to Dom.
She was shot to death by someone Dom will eventually have to/get to kill.
She was stabbed to death by someone Dom will eventually have to/get to kill.
She was written off of Lost because she got a DUI.
10. What does Dom do when he finds the only nitromethane dealer in Los Angeles?
Keeps using a taser on the guy until he foams at the mouth.
Makes him stand in the middle of the freeway during rush hour until he is willing to talk.
Takes him to a Dodgers game. People are a lot more helpful after they've had a Dodger Dog.
Threatens him with an engine block. Dom is a scary dude.
11. Mia hasn't seen Brian in five years since their break-up. It's exactly the sort of heart-wrenching scene one would expect of actors on the level of Jordana Brewster and Paul Walker. She asks him why he did let her brother go back then. His philosophical reply is what?
"He was a good driver, bro."
"I don't know."
"I loved you and you loved him. I loved him through you." (sounds kinky)
"Who cares? Did you really date Derek Jeter?"
12. Speaking of heartfelt reunions, what is Dom doing at the moment Brian sees him for the first time in five years?
Driving (it's not a movie with subtle themes, people).
Hanging a guy out the window and threatening to drop him. Dom is a scary dude.
Making his sister a tuna fish sandwich. Dom is such a sweet dude.
Tuning up his engine, bro (not a euphemism...probably).
13. Enter Dwight, the frost-haired ladies' man with a mullet that would be the envy of an early 1990s Canadian hockey team. In addition to (apparently) being a world class driver, Dwight is revealed to have a particular sexual proclivity. What is it?
The butt (whut whut).
Foot fetish. Seriously, he has five uninhibited chicks kissing on his bed and he's focused on shoes? Car-reepy.
His cowgirls all have to wear *leather* chaps if you know what I'm saying.
Let's just say he'll come out of the closet someday soon.
14. Ramon Campos, Arturo Braga's trusted advisors, reveals details of the race between Brian, Dom, and the others as he plays what sport?
Naked Volleyball
15. Who wins the race to become a member of Braga's driving crew?
16. How have Braga's drivers avoided police detection during all of the drug running?
Avoid the police? They own the police, especially Brian's captain.
Ever seen Cannonball Run? Then you know the drill.
They drive harmless looking school buses.
Underground tunnels which I'm sure prove to be a key sequence in the Fast & Furious videogame that I haven't and never will play.
17. Which member of Braga's alliance is revealed to have shot Letty?
18. What deal had Letty made with Brian prior to her death?
Dom's sister would not be tried as an accomplice.
Friends with benefits. What beautiful, empty headed children they'd have.
Her cooperation would guarantee Dom would be free to return to the United States.
Her cooperation would guarantee Mia and Brian could finally be together.
19. After a car explodes (natch), Brian and Dom manage to take what from Braga?
A gold-plated Ferrari. Drug dealers have all the fun.
Gisele. Sweet, sweet Gisele. You can't blame Braga for getting angry about that.
His identity. No, really.
Sixty million dollars worth of heroin (party at Brian and Dom's!).
20. Which member of Braga's alliance is revealed to be Braga?
21. Where does Brian decide to hide the heroin?
The garage of Braga's club.
Have you seen Maria Full of Grace? Yes. Ouch.
Police impound lot.
In the arms of several dear friends and business associates.
22. How does Braga get away and somehow manage to flee the country?
Fenix sacrifices himself to help his boss/life partner escape.
Gisele is held hostage until Braga flees the building.
Stating the obvious, law enforcement in Los Angeles leaves something to be desired. Even Paul Walker can get a job there.
They attempt to arrest the wrong person.
23. How does Fenix die?
Braga shoots him.
Dom shoots him.
Dom runs him down with a car while Brian holds his leg. Serves him right for that haircut.
Death by snu snu.
24. The closed-minded judge who doesn't appreciate that Dom is a well intended rebel who plays by his own rules but gets results gives him how much prison time?
5-10 years with the possibility of parole after 3 years.
15 years with the possibility of parole after 8 years.
25 years to life with no possibility of early parole.
The death penalty (i.e. making him watch 2 Fast 2 Furious).
25. In the final scene of the film, which of these is not a driver attempting to liberate Dom from his current trip to jail?
Rico and/or Tego

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