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Up quiz

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1. Carl Fredricksen is the lead character of Up, a 78-year old man who decides to lift his house on balloons to South America to fulfill a lifelong wish his recently deceased wife made. The design of the character was based on which of the following actors?
Kirk Douglas
Cary Grant
Spencer Tracy
Gary Cooper
2. Which South American country is the setting for the majority of the action in Up?
3. Carl and his late wife, Ellie, idolized the famed explorer Charles Muntz. Muntz, before he is exiled for his apparently fake discovery of a mythical species of bird, was known for a famous motto. What is the motto?
Let’s go exploring!
Take the unknown journey!
Adventure is out there!
Never stop traveling!
4. Though there are few characters in Up, and even fewer well-known actors involved, what African-American character actor has a role as one of Charles Muntz’s talking guard dogs?
Andre Braugher
Danny Glover
Frankie Faison
Delroy Lindo
5. John Ratzenberger is well-known for being pretty much the only common thread throughout every Pixar film: he has provided his voice to a character in each of their films. What character does he voice in Up?
Campmaster Strauch
Construction Worker Steve
Nurse AJ
6. About halfway through Up, Carl and Russell inadvertently find the mythical bird that Charles Muntz has spent his life trying to capture. What is the name Russell gives to this bird?
7. What is the name of the fictional place in South America where Carl and Russell go via house?
Paradise Canyon
Paradise Falls
Paradise Valley
Paradise Sea
8. Up was an incredibly successful film, making nearly $300 million in North America. With that number, Up is the second highest-grossing film Pixar’s ever made. What is Pixar’s highest-grossing film?
Toy Story
Toy Story 2
The Incredibles
Finding Nemo
9. Russell spends most of his days looking for adventure as something akin to a Boy Scout. What is the name of the scouting troupe Russell belongs to?
Wilderness Explorer
Wilderness Adventurer
Wilderness Journeyman
Wilderness Scout
10. At the end of the film, Carl bestows Russell with the same badge that Ellie once gave him. What is the flavor of soda on this badge?
Root beer
11. Where did Carl work before Ellie passed away?
Law office
12. At one point, Charles Muntz becomes suspicious of Carl and tells him of a few stories he’s heard from other people who discovered Paradise Falls before they disappeared. Which of these is NOT a story Muntz mentions?
An old man lifting his house up by balloons
A surveyor making a map
A group of hikers
A botanist cataloguing plants
13. Throughout Up is a running gag regarding the talking dogs and a certain animal that always distracts them. What kind of pesky critter drives the dogs crazy?
14. What make-believe animal does Russell search for before Carl lifts his house up on balloons?
15. Before he leaves for South America, Carl is frequently bothered by a businessman who wants to buy his house. What kind of juice did Carl pour into this man’s gas tank to shoo him away?
16. Alpha is Muntz’s head guard dog. What is wrong with the collar that enables him to speak?
It makes his voice sound too deep.
It makes his thoughts come out in another language.
It makes his voice sound incredibly high-pitched.
It makes his thoughts come out as barking.
17. Which of these does Russell NOT offer to help Carl cross?
18. What happens to Carl’s house when he leaves South America?
The house is destroyed after hitting a mountain.
The house lands right next to a waterfall, just like in Ellie’s book.
The house is never seen again.
Carl brings the house back with him.
19. Ed Asner, who voices Carl, is most well-known for playing Lou Grant, a gruff but lovable journalist. In which of these 1970s TV shows did Asner not appear as Lou Grant?
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
All in the Family
Lou Grant
20. Alpha, Beta, and Gamma are among the dogs at Charles Muntz’s disposal, but none of them are the same breed. Name the breed of dog that none of the dogs would be classifed as.
German shepherd
Doberman pinscher
21. What is the name of the punishment that Dug and Alpha both end up having to live with during Up?
The cone of terror
The cone of despair
The cone of anger
The cone of shame
22. What relatively common item does Carl use to distract the guard dogs when he rescues Kevin from Muntz’s zeppelin?
Tennis ball
23. Most Pixar movies are not only written in-house, but written by those who you usually don't see behind and in front of the camera. However, one of the screenwriters of Up, Thomas McCarthy, is more well-known for his directing and acting roles in live-action films. In fact, only a few weeks ago, McCarthy had a supporting role in which of the following hits?
New Moon
The Blind Side
24. The character of Russell, the pudgy Asian-American boy who helps out Up’s lead character as he travels through South America, was partly based on one of the Pixar animators, Peter Sohn. Sohn voiced a supporting character in which Pixar film?
Finding Nemo
25. The composer of Up, Michael Giacchino, is becoming more and more popular in TV and film. Which of the following TV shows or movies did Giacchino NOT compose the score for?
Land of the Lost
Star Trek
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

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