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How Well Do You Know: The Muppet Christmas Carol
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The Muppet Christmas Carol quiz

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1. What kind of fish are being sold in the marketplace at the beginning of the movie?
2. According to a villager, there's nothing in nature that freezes one's heart like:
years of being alone
disdain towards others
unkindness towards fellow man
3. While walking to his business, Scrooge is referred to as all but *what*?
Mr. Skinflint
Mr. Sneer
Mr. Misery
Mr. Outrage
4. How does Gonzo clean the dirty window so he can peer inside Scrooge's business?
He swipes a window-washer's squeegee
He pays the poor bookkeeper rats to clean the window
He wipes it clean with the scarf Scrooge has accidentally dropped on the ground
He uses Rizzo the Rat to wipe it clean
5. Mr. Applegate, one of Scrooge & Marley's clients, visits the firm and is promptly thrown out, for admitting that he is:
switching to a friendlier firm
unhappy with the way Scrooge treats his employees
behind on his mortgage payments
6. If Scrooge had his way, everyone who uttered "Merry Christmas" would be:
thrown out with their discarded Christmas trees come January 1st
forced to work for Scrooge until they saw things his way
cooked with his own turkey and buried with a spring of holly through his heart
locked in a room and forced to listen to Christmas carols sung in repetition until they cracked
7. According to Scrooge, the only thing in the world sillier than "Merry Christmas" is:
"Happy New Year"
a poor work ethic
falling in love
being optimistic
8. Scrooge feels that donations to the poor are unnecessary and uncalled for. He feels the poor should:
build character by having to go without
die and decrease the surplus population
be forced to seek extra employment or suffer the consequences
not have a problem with eating less - after all, there are too many obese people as it is!
9. What do Bob Cratchit and the bookkeeper rats come across while walking home from work?
a penguin ice skating party
a Christmas tree lighting ceremony
a holiday party being thrown by the local rat population
a group of children just thrown out on the streets by Scrooge
10. The ghost of Jacob Marley first appears in Scrooge's:
bedside table leg
coat rack
door knocker
11. Scrooge refuses to believe that the Marley ghosts are for real. What does he insist they could be?
undigested bits of food
insomnia-induced hallucinations
an unpleasant dream
a job for the Ghost Hunters!
12. What did Jacob and Robert Marley love most about mankind?
Their ability to be duped
Their money
Their materialism
Their selfishness
13. Rizzo the rat says he hates 2 things. What are they?
Water and swimming in it
Cats and being chased by them
Heights and jumping from them
Snow and being stuck in a snowstorm
14. Gonzo and Rizzo hitch a ride to Scrooge's past by:
grabbing onto Scrooge's pant leg
hiding in the Ghost of Christmas Past's robes
finding another ghost who can bring them
closing their eyes and wishing it so
15. Which of the following does NOT have a bust sitting on a shelf in Scrooge's old schoolhouse?
16. How many brothers and sisters does Rizzo have?
17. Scrooge's former headmaster gives him some advice before graduation. Which of the following was not advice given?
Be constructive
Work hard
Work long
Never give up
18. Scrooge's first job after graduation was at:
Chef's Swedish Restaurant
Statler & Waldorf Attorneys at Law
Marley & Marley Inc.
Fozziwig's Rubber Chicken Factory
19. Rizzo's mother taught him to never:
play in traffic
eat singing food
trust a rubber chicken
juggle knives
20. Scrooge first meets Belle at the Fozziwig Christmas party. A few Christmas Eves later, she breaks off their engagement. What was her reason for breaking up with Scrooge?
He loves money more than her
She wants children and he does not, feeling they will take all his hard-earned money
He never sees her since he is always working
She is in love with his kinder, happier brother
21. Rizzo picks an interesting item to eat while at nephew Fred's house. What does he eat?
A wooden shoe
Wax fruit
Cat food
Yellow snow
22. What are the names of the Cratchit kids?
Jim, Kim and Tim
Peter, Betina, Belinda and Tim
Rhonda, Robert Jr., Rebecca and Tim
John, Emily and Tim
23. Rizzo falls down the Cratchit's chimney. What does he land on?
A hot goose
The fireplace poker
Betina Cratchit
His head
24. While with the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, Scrooge sees that his personal items are being ___________ after his death.
given to the poor
sold at auction
25. Scrooge, having seen the light, adopts a new, happy and grateful attitude. He makes a donation to the charity he had turned away the day before. What is he given in return?
A certificate for a free turkey dinner
A scarf
A hug
A kiss on the cheek by the Cratchit children

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