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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 04: Key Decisions
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Arrested Development quiz

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Question 4 says "star car" instead of "stair car", and in question 6, Gob never actually calls White Power Bill that, Li'l Justice does.
ManlyStump 6/19/10 9:56 am


Marta is being interviewed about her TV show:
La pasión secreta
Los amantes clandestinos
El amor prohibido
Los fuegos de la romance
Gob is not pleased at having to go to the awards show or sit through Marta’s interview, standing next to her like:
Rita Wilson
Ryan Philippe
Robin Wright Penn
Tom Cruise
Lucille says that Buster is a beautiful boy, but people don’t appreciate him because of his glasses, which make him look like:
a lizard
a fish
a turtle
a frog
Michael has solved the Bluths’ transportation problem by selling the corporate jet and driving around in the star car. What does he tell Lindsay to watch out for?
other drivers to laugh at her
to brake half a mile before each set of lights
banners and pinatas
Gob announces at Marta’s interview that he will break out of his father’s prison. The prison warden is intrigued because:
he doesn’t like magic – he loves it!
of the money that Gob promises
Gob has offered him the animation rights
of the prison beatings this brash magician is sure to receive
White Power Bill gets angry at Gob because Gob calls him:
Snotty Nose Bill
Drooly Mouth Bill
Teary Eyes Bill
Dirty Ears Bill
At the Spanish-language television awards show, Buster accidentally flirts with Lucille’s best friend, Lucille Austero. Lucille Austero is played by:
Jane Fonda
Liza Minelli
Louise Fletcher
Faye Dunaway
Tobias does not appear in this episode because he is at a weekend:
dance session with Anthony Michael Hall
stand-up lecture with Pauly Shore
stage fighting workshop with Carl Weathers
drama course with David Caruso
Gob’s escape plan hits a major flaw when:
the warden finds his escape key
his father invites him to play catch
he is shivved by White Power Bill
he can’t “go” without privacy
After getting back together with Marta, Gob says:
“Come on!”
“I’ve made a huge mistake”
“What a fun, sexy time for us!”

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