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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 05: Charity Drive
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Arrested Development quiz

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In exchange for free frozen bananas, Gob says Michael can use his likeness for a Hamburglar-type character based on him, called:
Mr. Banana-grabber
Mr. Banana-handler
Mr. Banana-snatcher
Mr. Banana-pincher
What charity calendar did Lindsay pose for?
Save Our Salons
Ladies of Literacy
Vegetable Rights
At Risk Male Youth
Lucille justifies her rude treatment of new housemaid Lupe because:
She’s a servant, it’s not as though she has feelings.
She’s from Mexico, she must be used to this kind of treatment.
They didn’t sneak into this country to be friends.
She’s just like a piece of the furniture.
Lucille is participating in a charity auction because she cares deeply about:
the wetlands
upholding the Bluth name
her country club privileges
going for more than arch-rival Lucille Austero
Michael sees Lupe and offers her a lift home, only to discover later that:
she lives two hours’ drive away
she wants him to pick up a dozen other family members
she believes he wants to sleep with her for money
he has picked up a random Mexican woman
Banned from the frozen banana stand, Gob turns to:
candy apples
funnel cake
cotton candy
deep-fried Mars Bars
Gob is too distinctive with his chipped tooth and whistle, so he delegates the job of breaking into the permits office to:
George Michael
What does Buster need from the keychain?
his dinosaur keyring
his laser pointer
his allergy information
his rape whistle
Who bids on Lindsay at the charity auction?
On the next Arrested Development, Michael is not imprisoned for abducting the Mexican lady because:
he was just trying to be a good guy
she was carrying a backpack loaded with marijuana
she cannot pick him out of a line up
he is white

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