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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 02: Top Banana
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Arrested Development quiz

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George Sr. is in jail, and is having a love affair with:
his sock
the Warden
an ice cream sandwich
An often-repeated rule of prison visits is:
No touching!
No teasing!
No hitting!
No kissing!
The paper bag Gob leaves in the fridge is labelled:
Property of Gob: Do Not Eat
Gob’s Lunch: Do Not Eat
Gob Sandwich: Do Not Eat
Dead Dove: Do Not Eat
In her high school yearbook, Lindsay was awarded:
Most Make-Up
Oldest Senior
Best Hair
Most Likely to be a Skank
Maeby’s stupidest rebellion ever is:
visiting George Sr. in prison
mixing drinks for Lucille
supporting Tobias at his audition
volunteering to work at the banana stand
Tobias auditions for a commercial and fails. What line does he deliver only too realistically?
“At Discount Dan’s, we’re slashing prices!”
“We’re closing down, everything must go!”
“Oh my God, we’re having a fire sale!”
“The owner’s gone absolutely crazy!”
T-Bone is a:
keester bunny
What is Gob’s least consistent trick?
releasing a dove
knife throwing
rabbit out of the hat
Michael, George Michael and Gob watch the banana stand burn down. What question does Gob not answer?
“Who set fire to the banana stand?”
“Where did you get all that gasoline on short notice?”
“Did you get the briefcase of money out of the wall?”
“You mailed that insurance check, right Gob?”
On the next Arrested Development:
Tobias tries out for a different kind of audition
Gob protests the pet store’s frozen dove return policy
George Sr. learns about the downside of prison
Lindsay re-lives her glory days

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