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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 01: Pilot
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Arrested Development quiz

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Arrested Development opens with a party to celebrate the retirement of George Bluth Sr from the Bluth Company. Why is his son, Michael so happy?
he’s about to be promoted CEO
he’s just met the woman of his dreams
he’s decided never to speak to his family again
they have salmon rolls at this thing
Michael’s mother Lucille believes that a crowd of homosexuals will ruin the party. They are so dramatic and flamboyant they make her want to:
scream her head off
hang herself from the poop deck
set herself on fire
blow her brains out
Michael’s twin sister Lindsay is celebrated for:
her work with homeless pets
her wine and cheese fundraisers
her success in training beauty pageant winners
the support she gives her heterosexual husband, Tobias
Michael’s older brother Gob started the Alliance of Magicians. He performs illusions because a trick:
is something that only fools idiots
is something he’s never paid for in his life
is something a whore does for money... or candy
is another word for slut, and he’s more of a gigolo
Michael’s younger brother Buster is a permanent grad student, having studied everything on this list except
18th century agrarian business
Native American tribal ceremonies
monkey art
Michael’s son George Michael works at the Bluth Company’s:
frozen banana stand
frozen custard stand
frozen yoghurt stand
frozen smoothie stand
Lindsay’s husband Tobias misses the party because he mistakes the homosexual protesters for:
Lindsay and Tobias’ daughter Maeby wants to teach her parents a lesson. Her idea?
that she steal Tobias’ car and drive over Lindsey’s shoes
that George Michael should spit in Lindsey’s purse
that she jump over the side of the boat during George Sr.’s speech
that she and George Michael make out
The party is interrupted by police boats and George Sr. is arrested, but not before making Lucille CEO. What is his explanation to Michael?
he just didn’t want it enough
they can’t arrest a husband and wife for the same crime
Michael’s the second son and it would make Gob feel bad
she’s the sexiest creature he has ever laid eyes on
Michael is convinced to stay and keep the Bluth family together. But change of subject - who narrates Arrested Development?
Tom Bosley
Ron Howard
Henry Winkler
Anson Williams

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