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How Well Do You Know: Die Hard
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GREAT quiz, but when you quote lines, they should be quoted perfectly.
amadhatter53 6/8/13 11:53 am


1. The film takes place around which holiday?
New Year's Day
Valentine's Day
2. McClane's limo driver Argyle was new to driving limos. What did he previously do?
Manufactured Twinkies
Drove a cab
Taught a driving school
Trained FBI agents
3. McClane works as a cop in which city?
New York
Los Angeles
Washington, DC
4. Die Hard marked one of a handful of screen appearances for Alexander Gudunov, who played Hans's right hand man Karl. What was Gudunov's primary career?
NFL lineman
Ballet dancer
Russian politician
Ice Skater
5. Terrorists Theo and Karl kill the guard at the front desk. What are they discussing as they enter the building?
The weather
A Lakers' game
The importance of being earnest
That they wish Hans would give them a raise
6. In the Nakatomi building bathroom, McClane employs which "secret to surviving air travel" which he learned from a fellow passenger?
Force yourself to vomit
Say the alphabet backwards
Combat terrorism immediately after deboarding
Make fists with your toes
7. Before he is killed, we learn all of the following about Takagi, except for which?
His first name is Joseph
He wore a John Phillips suit
He was the father of three
He had degrees from Stanford and Harvard
8. "When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain he wept, for:"
Heavy is the head that wears the crown
Oliver Stone could never do his life story justice
Administration of taxation would be a bitch
There were no more worlds to conquer
9. Which was true of the first terrorist that McClane killed?
McClane shot him
He carried the detonators
He shot Takagi
He was Karl's brother
10. "Now I have a machine gun....."
And you don't
Ho Ho Ho
And I'll be back
Vengeance shall be mine
11. "Come out to the coast. We'll get together, have a few laughs..." McClane says this
When confronting Hans face-to-face
When he sees the explosives on the roof
Crawling through the AC duct
Climbing down the elevator shaft
12. McClane finally gets Powell's attention:
By throwing a terrorist's body out the window onto his car
By contacting him on the radio
By pushing a chair weighted down with explosives out the window
By throwing Takagi's body out the window onto his car
13. What was the name of the terrorist that McClane killed who had the detonators?
14. Bad things are foreshadowed for the SWAT team when one of its members:
Trips over his shoelaces
Fires at a police car instead of at the terrorists
Sneezes, giving away the team's position
Scratches himself on a thorn bush
15. What is not true about Ellis's fateful meeting with Hans?
Ellis snorts coke before the meeting
Ellis references a CNN report
Ellis pretends he is a longtime friend of McClane
Ellis is served a Coke
16. What is the last name of the FBI agents (no relation)?
17. When McClane and Hans meet on the roof, Hans uses which last name?
18. During a firefight with McClane, Hans gives the command "Schiess den Fenster", which he translates as:
We've got spirit, yes we do!
Kill him quickly
Shoot the glass
We Germans are not all smiles and sunshine
19. Why does Powell have a desk job?
He shot his boss in the foot
He shot a kid
He hit a pedestrian with his police car
He has flat feet
20. What song plays when the vault opens?
We're in the Money
O Fortuna
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
Ode to Joy
21. What is Special Agent Johnson's estimate for the percentage of hostages that will be killed during the rescue?
22. What is Deputy Chief Robinson's assessment of the failed rooftop rescue attempt?
Well, that could have gone better.
We're going to need some more FBI guys, I guess
At least we're not all covered in glass again
I am so not cleaning up this mess
23. In their final confrontation, McClane is able to get the drop on Hans because:
McClane has a gun taped to his back
Holly hits Hans in the groin and McClane steals his gun
Hans trips over his untied shoelace
Hans falls out of an open window
24. What accessory proves to be Hans's final undoing?
A necktie
A shoelace
A watch
25. Which is true about the final scene of the movie?
McClane punches news reporter Dick Thornburg
"White Christmas" plays over the end credits
"I've gotta be here for New Year's" are the final words spoken in the film
McClane kills Karl

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