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How Well Do You Know: Friends Thanksgiving Episodes Part II
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Friends Thanksgiving Episodes quiz

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1. "The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs": Ross struggles to name all 50 states. If he cannot:
He has to make out with Joey
He has to drink a glass full of grease
He must post a letter, witnessed and notarized, that he is not the smartest person that he knows
He can't have dinner
2. "The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs": While everyone else names states, Phoebe lists:
Types of celery
Hair products
Countries in America
Names she had in her former lives
3. "The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs": Who has smuggled a dog into the apartment?
4. "The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs": Joey miswordizes what phrase?
Intents and purposes
Moot point
Couldn't care less
Sleight of hand
5. "The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs": At the end of the episode, Rachel shares a kiss with Tag, her assistant. Where does this happen?
On the terrace
At the police station
In an emergency room
In the hallway
6. "The One With The Rumor": Brad Pitt plays Will, and old friend of Monica. Back in high school, Will:
Was fat
Was about four feet tall
Had a man-crush on Ross
Had Flock-of-Seagulls hair
7. "The One With The Rumor": Which pair try to get out of helping with dinner by sitting on the watch and pretending to watch football?
Joey and Rachel
Chandler and Phoebe
Ross and Rachel
Joey and Phoebe
8. "The One With The Rumor": Will was in the I Hate Rachel Green club in high school. Along with Ross, who else was in the club?
No one. Oh wait, the rest of the school
An exchange student from Thailand
The downtrodden peasants Rachel walked over each day as she entered the school
9. "The One With The Rumor": So, what was the rumor in the title of the episode?
Rachel made out with one of the librarians
Rachel was the toast of a state penitentiary in Boca Raton, Florida
Rachel caught a veneral disease by riding on the back seat of a motorcycle
Rachel had both male and female reproductive parts
10. "The One With The Rumor": During the episode, Joey struggles to eat:
An entire turkey
Eight different types of pie
A yam and a sweet potato, and tell the difference between them
Mashed potatoes without gravy
11. "The One with Rachel's Other Sister": Watching the Thanksgiving day parade, Joey remembers he is supposed to be:
At the parade
Eating his second Thanksgiving dinner
At the library - it's the one day that he can be the smartest one there
Helping his sister move
12. "The One with Rachel's Other Sister": Rachel's other sister Amy, played by Christina Applegate, is supposed to have dinner with her boyfriend, but the plans fall apart when:
She breaks her leg
She can't find anyone to drive her to his place
She learns that she'd have to spend the day in Jersey
His wife comes back into town
13. "The One with Rachel's Other Sister": A comment by Amy leads Rachel to worry that Emma will:
Be shallow like Amy
Get Rachel's real nose
Be hit on by Joey
Be conveniently out of sight any time the plot doesn't demand that she be present
14. "The One with Rachel's Other Sister": If Rachel and Ross were to die, their first choice to raise Emma would be:
The queen of England
Anyone but Joey
Monica and Chandler
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
15. "The One with Rachel's Other Sister": During the episode, Monica is constantly freaking out that:
Joey will find and eat the hidden pie
Amy will think her cooking is subpar
Someone will break the good china
Chandler won't make a good parent
16. "The One with the Late Thanksgiving": How does Phoebe convince Monica to host Thanksgiving again?
Through guilt
By putting her in competition with her previous efforts
By theorizing about the havoc an unfed Joey could wreck upon the city
By suggesting Rachel should cook instead
17. "The One with the Late Thanksgiving": Rachel and Phoebe are late because they took Emma, dressed as ___________, to a baby beauty pageant.
18. "The One with the Late Thanksgiving": Emma won the pageant, along with the title
New York's Finest Sweetie Pie
Tiny Universal Beauty Pumpkin
Miss Heart of America
Grand Supreme Little Darling
19. "The One with the Late Thanksgiving": Chandler took an excessive amount of pride in his contribution to Thanksgiving dinner, which was:
Setting the table
Not screwing anything up
Keeping Joey away from the pies
The cranberries
20. "The One with the Late Thanksgiving": The episode ends when Monica and Chandler get a call from the adoption agency. Earlier in the episode, Chandler stated he wanted to name a baby after ______, who he claimed to be his favorite author:

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