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How Well Do You Know: GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra
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GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra quiz

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1. For the film's opening scene, we travel all the way back to:
England, 1206
France, 1641
Scotland, 1800
China, 526
2. James McCullen ran afoul of the authorities way back when. What did he do that was so wrong?
Tried to kill the king
Sold arms to both the king and his enemies
To steal from the rich and give to the poor
Suggested that the earth orbited the sun
3. Now in the not too distant future, a descendant of James McCullen had a company with this celestial name:
4. McCullen's little instruments of destruction are called nanomites. How do you destroy a nanomite?
Extreme heat or cold
By use of a kill switch
Electromagnetic pulse
You can't
5. Duke and Ripcord accompany a convoy transporting the nanomite-laden warheads. Which members of COBRA are among the death squad that attacks said convoy?
The Baroness only
The Baroness and Storm Shadow
Storm Shadow only
The Baroness, Storm Shadow and The Doctor
6. The GI Joe secret base, The Pit, is located in:
A watery place
A sandy place
A snowy place
An urban place
7. The Doctor has been playing, well, doctor. His human test subjects, which have been injected with a nanomite solution, display each of the following effects, except for:
They feel no fear
They feel no pain
The feel no regret
The feel no sense of duty
8. The Baroness's husband, err.....the Baron, has this job:
He's a politician
He's a food manufacturer
He's a physicist
He's a military commander
9. Through helpful flashbacks, we see Anna and Duke in their salad days. They were both close to Anna's brother, who would eventually become The Doctor. In happier days, his name was:
10. During their training, while Ripcord tries to impress Scarlett with his sharpshooting, Duke battles ______ with a pugil stick:
Snake Eyes
Sergeant Stone
11. How did the Cobra team led, by The Baroness and Storm Shadow, infiltrate The Pit?
The snuck in, real quite-like
The bored their way in
They smuggled themselves in
They used a lot of ordinance
12. Catfight! What was the outcome of the hand-to-hand combat session between Scarlett and The Baroness in the raid on The Pit?
Scarlett got the better of The Baroness
The Baroness got the better of Scarlett
They knocked each other unconscious
Duke's interference ended the right
13. Yet another helpful flashback explains the origins of Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, in which the former tried to apprehend the latter as he:
Was wooing Storm Shadow's intended
Was stealing a donkey
Was stealing food
Was stealing clothes
14. As the Joes make their way to Paris to track down The Baroness - hey, it's another helpful flashback. We military exercise gone wrong led Duke to believe that Rex had died. Where did this snafu take place?
Southeast Asia
The Middle East
South America
East Africa
15. The Joes race through Paris to try to stop Cobra from testing the warhead. Which pair wear the accelerator suits during the pursuit?
Snake Eyes and Scarlett
Duke and Ripcord
Duke and Scarlett
Ripcord and Heavy Duty
16. Storm Shadow fired the warhead at the Eiffel Tower:
Directly underneath it
From a building nearby the tower
From a heavily armored vehicle racing through the streets of Paris
From the air above the tower
17. At the end of the Paris scene, Breaker was able to get clues as to the whereabouts of Cobra's headquarters by:
Intercepting and decoding an encrypted broadcast
Jamming electrodes into the driver's head
Activating a tracking beacon Snake Eyes had placed on Storm Shadow
Finding a map in the debris of the destroyed Cobra attack vehicle
18. The Baroness's face turn was foretold when she started having brain flashes back to her and Duke's happier times as:
The nanomite missiles were being launched
Storm Shadow was beating Duke
She was beating Duke
The Eiffel Tower collapsed
19. The attack subs that Heavy Duty and the other Joes use in their attack on Cobra headquarters were:
Manta Rays
20. Cobra launched three nanomite missiles. One was destroyed immediately. The other two were headed for which cities?
London and New York
Washington, DC and Beijing
Washington, DC and Moscow
Beijing and New York
21. Piloting a Night Raven, Ripcord realized the firing controls were voice activated. Fortunately, Scarlett was able to supply him with the _______ word for "Fire".
22. Who is the last person that The Doctor uses the nanomites on in the film?
The Baroness
23. You can't give yourself a nickname. But that's just what The Doctor does prior to his capture, as he dubs himself Cobra:
24. As the film closes, Zartan has assumed the identity of the US President. Even if you weren't paying attention earlier in the film, we know this as he whistles which tune?
Camptown Races
The Bear Went Over the Mountain
Silent Races
Shave and a Haircut
25. Director Stephen Sommers in brought some of alumni from The Mummy franchise to appear in the film. Brendan Fraser made a brief cameo as Sergeant Stone. Which of the following actors from The Mummy movies also appeared?
Oded Fehr
John Hannah
Erick Avari
Arnold Vosloo

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