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How Well Do You Know: The Santa Clause
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The Santa Clause quiz

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I don't think it's right when you ask questions that are not actually about the movie, and one would know by watching it. Like, what TV show is some actor now in, or how much did the movie make at the box office. Those are not trivia, they are trivial!
Jpstuart99 9/19/16 2:44 pm


1. Tim Allen's character shares initials with Father Christmas. What's his full name?
Sam Colvin
Scott Calvin
Stan Compton
Steve Channing
2. Santa dies. Eek! How?
Scott startles him, and Santa falls off the roof
He gets trampled by the reindeer
He slides down the chimney a little too quickly
Santa commits suicide
3. How does Scott learn he is to become Santa?
Through Santa's last dying breath
Through one of the reindeer, which can speak
Through a business card
He just assumes
4. What do Scott and Charlie do first after Scott adorns Santa's suit?
They go to the North Pole
They deliver presents
They feed the reindeer
They open presents inside
5. Finish Mr. Whittle's line: "I don't know what's happening to you. You're starting to look like _____."
My obese father
You could spare to skip a meal or two
Louie Anderson
The Pillsbury Doughboy
6. Who plays Mr. Whittle, Scott's work boss?
Jerry Stiller
Peter Boyle
James Cromwell
James Cameron
7. An elf named Judy tells Scott that he has _____ months to get his affairs in order before becoming Santa Claus full time.
8. How does Scott take the news?
He accepts it, but with reservations
He denies it
He's elated
He has no opinion
9. Finish Scott's line (to a fallen Santa Claus): "Fella, if you can hear me, I'm just looking for your identification. As soon as I find out who you are, I'll give you a lift back _____."
To the North Pole
To your sleigh
To my roof
To the mall
10. The North Pole's head elf, Bernard, is played by David Krumholtz. He went on to star in what CBS drama?
Criminal Minds
Cold Case
11. The only indication of his North Pole visit is monogrammed on Scott's pajamas. What is it?
The name Santa
The initials SC
A picture of Santa
A picture of Scott and Charlie
12. In the ensuing days, all of the following begin happening to Scott EXCEPT:
He gains weight
He shaves his beard, but it has no effect
He's visited in his home by elves
Random kids tell him what they want for Christmas
13. While delivering presents to his son's home, Scott _____.
Is arrested for trespassing
Is arrested for kidnapping
Can't fit down the chimney
Falls off the roof, thus continuing the Santa cycle
14. Scott is arrested for kidnapping. Who rescues him from jail?
Laura, his ex-wife
A team of rescue elves
Mrs. Claus
15. Finish Scott's line (reading the fallen Santa's instruction card): "If something should happen to me, put on my suit; the reindeer _____."
Will lead the way
Will know what to do
Will need some food, too
May have gas
16. Scott gives his ex-wife, Laura, and her new husband, Neil, the gifts they never received as children. What did Laura receive?
A Barbie
Mystery Date
A blue dress
17. And Neil?
G.I. Joe
A puppy
An Atari
An Oscar Mayer "Wienie Whistle"
18. Finish Scott's line: "Hey, I know where this is going. The other guy fell, it was an accident. I've got homeowners insurance, and a good attorney, not as good as my wife's - but _____!"
Look who's counting
Let's change the subject
Lets not open up that wound
That shouldn't be a surprise since the judge granted her full custody
19. How much did The Santa Clause earn in the States?
$100-150 million
$150-200 million
$200-250 million
$250-300 million
20. How many total Santa Clause movies have there been?

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