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How Well Do You Know: Miracle on 34th Street
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A Miracle on 34th Street quiz

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1. As the film opens, Kris informs a shop owner that he is mistaken in his arrangement of ___________ in a storefront display:
2. Something is wrong with the Santa that Doris Walker has hired to ride in the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. What is it?
He's a female
He's drunk
He's missing
He strikes a child during the parade
3. When we first meet Susan, she is:
Doing her schoolwork
Jumping rope outside her mother's apartment
Watching the parade with Fred Gailey
Taking piano lessons
4. Of considerable significance later in the film, Fred Gailey has this profession:
Toy maker
5. On his first day on the job as Santa as Macy's, Kris surprises costumers and Mr. Shelhammer, the head of the toy department, by:
Telling children they should not expect any toys
Directing children and their parents to other stores for toys
Suggesting that he is the real Santa
Correctly guessing what the children want before they tell him
6. Susie doesn't believe in Santa. Why?
She is a natural skeptic
Her mother discourages such notions
The math just doesn't add up
Her grandmother was run over by a reindeer
7. Kris impresses Susie when he is able to communicate with a girl:
Who is mute
Who is deaf
Who speaks Dutch
Who speaks Swahili
8. Kris's employment card lists his home as:
The North Pole
The address for Macy's
Brook's Memorial Home for the Aged
There is no home address listed
9. Kris instructs Susie on the importance of imagination, and the two pretend they are:
Space aliens
Elves at the North Pole
Movie stars
10. With whom does Kris share an apartment?
Doris and Susan
Mr. Shelhammer
Mr. Macy
11. Susie tells Kris that she wants which rather big-ticket item for Christmas?
A new car
A jet airplane
A luxury cruise liner
A house
12. Who has experience working as a Santa at the Y?
Mr. Sawyer the psychologist
Alfred the janitor
Mr. Shelhammer
13. Kris storms into Mr. Sawyer's office after he learns of Sawyer's treatment of:
A young girl in line to visit with Kris
14. Kris raps Sawyer on the head with:
A stapler
An umbrella
His fist
A telephone
15. Following his attack on Sawyer, Kris is sent to Bellevue, where he:
Aces his psychological exam and returns to Macy's
Purposefully flunks his exam
Regales the staff with stories and jokes
Attacks an orderly
16. Judge Harper, the judge who is charge of Kris's commitment trial, is warned by an associate to steer clear of the case. Harper realizes that the case will be problematic when:
Fred buries him in motion after motion
He is threatened with disbarment if Kris is committed
He incurs the wrath of his grandchildren
Mr. Macy vows to see to it that he is voted off his judgeship
17. At the beginning of the trial, Doris is _____ of Fred's efforts on Kris's behalf:
Not supportive
18. Which of the following does Fred call as a witness during Kris's trial?
Mr. Macy
Mr. Sawyer
Mr. Shelhammer
19. Fred also calls which child to testify at the trial?
The son of the DA
Mr. Macy's son
The daughter of the judge
20. Learning that Kris is sad during the trial, Susan writes him a letter. Doris appends what note to the end of the letter?
I just know you'll pull through this
I hope to see you soon
I believe in you, too
Merry Christmas
21. The outcome of the trial hinges on Fred citing which US Government agency as an authoritative entity:
Department of Commerce
The US Treasury
The Post Office
Department of State
22. Earlier in the film when she told Kris she wanted a house, Susie mentioned this feature. At the end of the feature, which she arrived at the home for sale, she in fact found it. What was it?
A swimming pool
A garden
A swing in the yard
A fireplace
23. What did Doris and Fred find in the house that suggested that Kris had been here?
Reindeer tracks
His coat
His cane
His hat

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