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How Well Do You Know: Lost, Season 3 Part 2
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Lost Season 3 quiz

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1. Episode 12: In “Par Avion”, Claire thinks she has figured out a way to get off the island. What does she need to catch so her plan can work?
A boar
The monster
The polar bear
2. Episode 12: What happens to someone who goes through the pylons that surround the Others’ barracks?
They are killed.
They are captured by the monster.
They are thrown back.
They can’t go through the pylons at all.
3. Episode 13: “The Man From Tallahassee” shows us, once and for all, how Locke got paralyzed, by being pushed out of a building by his father. At one point, while talking to Ben, it is revealed how long Locke and the castaways have been on the island. How long has it been?
60 days
70 days
80 days
90 days
4. Episode 13: Who is the man from Tallahassee?
Richard Alpert
Christian Shephard
Charles Widmore
Anthony Cooper
5. Episode 13: What is Locke looking for, if he’s not looking for Jack?
The Hydra station
The submarine
The VW bus
The magic box
6. Episode 14: “Expose” is the episode that puts Nikki and Paolo in the spotlight. Oh, come on, you remember Nikki and Paolo, right? They were on the island for the whole time, just like Jack and Locke and…OK, we all know it was a bunch of crap. In the episode, Nikki is revealed to be an actress on a cheesy TV show. What “Star Wars” legend cameos in the show-within-a-show?
Mark Hamill
Carrie Fisher
Billy Dee Williams
James Earl Jones
7. Episode 14: What word did Nikki struggle to say to Hurley and Sawyer before the poison from the spider did her in?
8. Episode 15: What character from a previous flashback shows up in Kate’s life in “Left Behind”?
Anthony Cooper
Christian Shephard
Mr. Paik
9. Episode 15: What name does Kate use as an alias in her flashback?
10. Episode 16: “One Of Us” shows how Juliet came to the Island and ingratiated herself with the Others. What Other does she hook up with?
11. Episode 16: After the plane crashes, we see Ben and Juliet visit Mikhail at the Flame station. According to Mikhail, how many people were on board Oceanic Flight 815, including the flight crew?
12. Episode 17: At the beginning of “Catch-22”, we see Hurley and Charlie debate the merits of Superman and another superhero. Who’s the other superhero?
The Flash
13. Episode 17: Sawyer tries to make Kate a mix tape of sorts to impress her. What artist’s work is on the mix tape?
Bruce Springsteen
Billy Joel
Phil Collins
Elton John
14. Episode 18: In the flashbacks of “D.O.C.”, we see that Sun was blackmailed by an old woman who would reveal Jin’s spotty family history to the world if she didn’t get money. How much money did she demand?
15. Episode 18: According to the parachutist discovered by Hurley, Desmond, and Charlie, what happened to the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815?
They all died.
They landed at LAX.
Some of the survivors disappeared, but others were rescued.
They were rescued.
16. Episode 19: What does Ben want Locke to do, with regards to Anthony Cooper, in “The Brig”?
Hug him
Torture him
Kill him
Cut his arm off
17. Episode 19: Who ends up killing Anthony Cooper?
18. Episode 20: “The Man Behind The Curtain” introduces us to the cabin where the mysterious Jacob lives. Though he is, apparently, invisible, he speaks to Locke, saying what?
“Kill me.”
“Help me.”
“Save me.”
“Shoot me.”
19. Episode 20: In what state was Ben born?
20. Episode 20: What is Ben’s mother’s name?
21. Episode 21: In “Greatest Hits”, Charlie makes a list of the five greatest moments of his life. Which of these moments is NOT on the list?
Meeting Claire
Hearing a Driveshaft song on the radio for the first time
Being taught to swim
Riding a bicycle for the first time
22. Episode 21: What is the name of the underwater station in which Charlie must sacrifice himself to so he can save his friends?
Looking Glass
23. Episode 22: In “Through the Looking Glass”, Jack is seen off the island with a bushy beard and a serious problem with pills. Who does he try to contact throughout the finale?
24. Episode 22: Rose wants Bernard to remind himself that he is not what action star?
John McClane
The Terminator
Dirty Harry
25. Episode 22: What song by the Beach Boys is the code to unblock communications to the Island?
God Only Knows
Good Vibrations
California Girls
The song is not by the Beach Boys

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