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How Well Do You Know: Saving Private Ryan
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Saving Private Ryan quiz

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1. The opening scene of the movie was set:
In a driveway in Ohio
In a graveyard in France
On a naval base in Hawaii
In a church in England
2. Captain Miller's last words to the men in his boat before the attack were:
"Keep your heads down"
"Keep your helmets on"
"Rally some place we won't get killed"
"I'll see you on the beach"
3. As the primary action of the invasion comes to a close, which of the soldiers adds to his collection of tins containing soil from different theaters?
Carpazo (Vin Diesel)
Jackson (Barry Pepper)
Mellish (Adam Goldberg)
Horvath (Tom Sizemore)
4. As the camera pans over the carnage of the invasion, we see the body of one of the Ryan brothers:
Lying face down on the beach
Shot through the head in one of the invasion boats
Floating face down in the ocean
Right next to where Miller drinks from a canteen
5. Which Army higher-up learned of the death of the three Ryan brothers and ordered Miller's mission to find James Ryan?
George C. Marshall
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Omar Bradley
George S. Patton
6. Upham (Jeremy Davies) was attached to Miller's company because of his skill as:
A sniper
A mechanic
An interpreter
A scout
7. Once Upham was attached, Miller's squad, including Miller, numbered:
8. The first member of Miller's crew to be killed, Carpazo, was shot after he disobeyed orders. What did he do that lead to him being shot?
He tried to dismantle a mine
He tried to take a French girl from her family
He tried to take out a sniper's nest
He tried to save another soldier who had been shot
9. Jackson, the sniper, goes through this ritual before he fires:
Reciting the alphabet backwards
Reciting scripture
Counting to 13
Closing his eyes tightly
10. After the death of Carpazo, Miller's company finds a James Ryan - but it's not the one they were looking for. Instead of James Francis Ryan, Miller found a James ______ Ryan.
11. No one in the company knows where Miller is from. At the beginning of the film, the pool to be awarded to the soldier who finds this out is:
12. What was the rest of the company doing, in plain site of a passing airborne division, which Wade put a stop to?
Stripping weapons off of corpses
Mock goose-stepping
Sorting through dogtags
Fighting over whether or not to kill a German POW
13. Which soldier told a story, wrenching in hindsight, about how he would pretend to be a sleep so he wouldn't have to talk to his mother when she arrived home from work late at night?
14. The soldier that knew James Francis Ryan and gave Miller the location of Ryan:
Was shot and killed immediately after giving Miller the information
Had only one leg
Was all but deaf
Was a major
15. The status of Upham as an outsider in the company was illustrated by the fact that he didn't know what "FUBAR" meant. The other soldiers told him:
It was the code name given to the mission
It was the name of the village where they would meet Ryan
It as a Latin word of blessing
It was a German word
16. Miller commanded his men - all of whom disagreed with the decision - to attack a German machine gun nest, which was located:
At an abandoned radar station
In a village
Underneath a bombed-out bridge
In a series of trenches
17. In the raid, Wade was killed after sustaining wounds to:
His head
His neck
His leg
His belly
18. The lone German who survived the attack on the machine gun nest - and who figured prominently in the conclusion of the film - was ascribed this cartoon related nickname:
Steamboat Willie
Mighty Mouse
Road Runner
19. Following the release of the German, which violence nearly erupts between which of the two soldiers?
Horvath and Reiben
Reiben and Upham
Jackson and Horvath
Mellish and Horvath
20. Miller is able to diffuse the situation by finally telling the men where he is from and what he does for a living. Miller is a teacher of:
American history and phys. ed.
English composition
Life science
21. Miller's company finally met James Francis Ryan after destroying a German vehicle in a field of ______ flowers:
22. When Miller informs Ryan he is being sent home, Ryan's is:
Reluctant to leave
Too shaken from the new of the loss of his brothers to process the information
23. The name of the French village where the climatic action in the film took place was:
24. During the defense of the village, Miller stationed Jackson:
In a tree overlooking the bridge
In a hotel penthouse
In a bell tower
In the balcony of a theater
25. Miller's idea to defeat the tanks that rolled through the village was to use sticky bombs. What made them sticky?
Tree sap
Bubble gum
Axel grease
26. Which of the following is the correct order in which the soldiers died?
Horvath - Miller - Mellish - Jackson
Jackson - Mellish - Horvath - Miller
Miller - Jackson - Horvath - Miller
Jackson - Horvath - Mellish - Miller
27. Upham's job during the defense of the village was to:
Act as a scout
Distribute ammo
Blow the bridge
Bomb tanks
28. Who kills Steamboat Willie?
29. Excluding Ryan, how many of Miller's company survived the mission?
30. Miller's final words to Ryan were:
Earn this
Kill him
We saved you
Remember us

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