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How Well Do You Know: Anchorman
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1. What "special cologne" does Brian Fantana wear to try to attract Veronica Corningstone's attention?
Blackbeard's Delight
London Gentleman
Sex Panther (by Odeon)
2. To what does Ron Burgundy compare being in love?
The glory of lamps
He expresses his feelings by singing the Starland Vocal Band classic "Afternoon Delight"
Scotchy scotch scotch.
A top-notch hamburger
3. What percent sure is Veronica that she loves Ron Burgundy?
100% (duh!)
4. Which insult is the straw that breaks the camel's back when Ron and Veronica are fighting?
He calls her a smelly pirate hooker
She says his hair is stupid
He tells her women's brains are a third of the size of men's brains
She tells him he looks like a blueberry
5. When Ron first meets Veronica at a party, what pick-up line does he use?
"Check out these guns."
"I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany."
"There's a party in my pants and you're invited."
6. What fault does Ron Burgundy have that eventually gets him fired as an anchorman.
He gets tongue-tied when Veronica is around.
He reads everything on the teleprompter. Ev-er-y-thing.
His inability to say the name Yevgeny Kafelnikov.
His tendency toward sexual harassment of women.
7. Which of the following does *not* have a cameo in the film?
Ben Stiller
Jack Black
Owen Wilson
Tim Robbins
8. What does Ron say is the German definition of San Diego?
Giant grizzly bear
Lamp city
Saint Diego
A whale's vagina
9. Which member of the Channel 4 News Team stabs a man in the heart?
Brian Fantana
Brick Tamland
Champ Kind
Ron Burgundy
10. What does Brick say he did at the party?
Ate a big, red candle.
Drank way too much.
Talked about the weather.
Threw a trident at a man's chest.
11. Which actor's character loses both of his arms (literally) during the course of the film?
Ben Stiller
Luke Wilson
Tim Robbins
Vince Vaughn
12. What thoughtless act by Ron leads to his dog, Baxter, being thrown off a bridge by an angry biker?
Honking his horn
Yelling a bunch of swears
13. What musical instrument does Ron play?
Bass guitar
Jazz flute
14. What is the name of the bear who Baxter befriends on his journey?
15. What is Brick Tamland doing today?
He's one of the top political advisors to the Bush White House.
He's still a weather man.
Sadly, Brick passed away as a result of a tragic lamp accident.
Two words: trident collector.
16. Which of the following is *not* an exclamation that comes from the mouth of Ron Burgundy?
By the beard of Zeus!
Great Odin's raven!
Holy Batman's cowl!
Sweet Lincoln's mullet!
17. What does Brian Fantana call his penis?
Brian Jr.
Don't be silly. A guy like Brian would never name his penis.
Lord Balderdoozle
The Octagon
18. Why is Brick Tamland not having his celebrity golf tournament?
Danger of landslides.
Gopher attack.
A massive golf ball shortage has caused them to cancel.
Too many people died the previous year.
19. What is Champ's catch phrase?
And whammy!
Holy cow!
You got served!
20. What does Ron say his and Veronica's children will do?
Be anchormen (hopefully they're all boys!)
Form a family band.
Join the circus.
Play basketball.
21. Why can Ron not understand his dog, Baxter, at one point?
Baxter is speaking in Spanish.
Baxter is wearing night braces.
Nobody can understand dogs. How silly.
Ron's ability to talk to the animals is auctioned off at a pledge drive.
22. How does Champ threaten Wes Mantooth?
He says he'll donate Wes's favorite suit to the Salvation Army while he's not looking
He says he will punch Wes in the babymaker
He says he will take Wes's mom, Dorothy Mantooth, out for a seafood dinner and never call her again
With a trident
23. What does Ron believe diversity is?
An old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era
Equality for all. As long as no women are included
Noticeable heterogeneity
A black, dank pit that stinks of tiger
24. Ed Harken gets a lot of phone calls about trouble with his son at school. Which of the following is not a topic of conversation?
The boy got a hold of German pornography.
The boy is holding the marching band at gunpoint.
The boy told a teacher that the dog ate his homework.
The boy was on acid and was shooting a bow and arrow into a crowd.
25. At the end of the film, Ron has received a promotion. What is his job?
Co-anchor of the first ever world-wide network.
Famous (but evil) fashion designer
Key advisor to Dr. Evil
Plays jazz flute at Padres games

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