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How Well Do You Know: Singin' in the Rain
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Singin in the Rain quiz

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1. What year does Singin' in the Rain take place?
2. Our first introduction to Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont is:
in the home they share while being interviewed
on the set of their latest movie
in a prison cell
on the red carpet at a movie premiere
3. Don and Lina work for:
First Class Films
Monumental Pictures
Reel-to-Reel Inc.
Premiere Pictures
4. "Lockwood & Lamont" is, according to an interviewer, as much of a household name as:
bacon and eggs
peanut butter and jelly
gin and tonic
cheese and crackers
5. Don got his start in Hollywood as:
a caterer
a stunt man
the director's errand boy
a set maintenance worker
6. Don first meets Kathy Selden when:
she nearly hits him with her car while he's trying to cross the street
her tire goes flat and he helps her change it
he jumps off a moving bus into her car while trying to escape his fans
he scares away hoodlums who were trying to steal her purse
7. Don and Kathy's second meeting takes place at the movie's afterparty, where:
she pops out of a cake as a Coconut Grove girl
she accidentally spills her drink on his new suit
she offers him an hors d'oeuvre as a member of the waitstaff
she shows up as the date of Don's friend Cosmo Brown
8. Guests at the afterparty get news of:
the studio closing unless their movie ticket sales improve
the hiring of a new studio head
the release of the first talking picture
consistently negative reviews of their latest movie
9. Kathy, upset at Don, throws a cake in his face. Whose face does it hit instead?
R.F. Simpson, the studio head
another Coconut Grove girl
Cosmo Brown
Lina Lamont
10. What is Cosmo Brown's motto?
"Keep 'em guessing."
"Make 'em laugh."
"Love 'em and leave 'em."
"I dunno, what's a motto with you?"
11. Don finds out that Lina got Kathy fired after the cake-throwing incident. How does he repay Lina?
he proposes to Lina
he asks Kathy out on a date
he gets Kathy hired at Monumental Pictures
he has the movie staff throw pies in Lina's face
12. Don and Lina, thanks to talking pictures, are now forced to take diction lessons. What is the name of Lina's poor diction coach, who certainly has her job cut out for her?
Phoebe Dinsmore
Zelda Kelly
Phoebe Kelly
Zelda Dinsmore
13. Monumental Pictures's first talking picture is called:
The Dueling Cavalier
The Singing Soldier
The Dancing Man
The Fighting Temptation
14. The Dueling Cavalier looks like it is going to be something of a joke. Kathy, Don and Cosmo figure the movie can be saved by making it into a musical, and...what?
getting a rewrite so Lina has limited screen time
dubbing Kathy's voice over Lina's
casting Kathy in the lead female role and demoting Lina to a supporting role
letting Don direct the movie
15. In the Broadway Melody, Don falls for:
a movie actress
his agent's wife
a runway model
a mobster's girlfriend
16. Who alerts Lina to the plan to dub Kathy's voice over hers?
Zelda Zanders
a private detective Lina hired
17. Lina, trying her hand at blackmailing, informs the studio heads that she makes more money than "______________________, put together!"
the Ziegfeld Girls
all of Hollywood
Calvin Coolidge
Clara Bow and Charlie Chaplin
18. Lina threatens to sue R.F. and the studio unless:
Kathy is stuck doing her voiceover work forever and never gets in front of the camera
she is made head of the studio
R.F. gives her a 500% raise per picture
she is signed to a 20-picture deal, with only Don as the lead actor
19. Lina the fraud is initially exposed when:
Kathy refuses to sing and Lina is forced to do her own singing
Don 'fesses up and announces to the movie crowd that he is in love with Kathy
the stage curtain opens while Lina is lip-synching/Kathy is singing
Lina isn't found out - the bribery thing worked well for her!
20. So Kathy becomes a star and Don's new leading lady, both on- and off-screen. What is the name of the first movie they star in together?
Ready for Love
Singin' in the Rain
You Are My Lucky Star
Make 'Em Laugh

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