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How Well Do You Know: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
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Transformers Revenge of the Fallen quiz

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1. When does the opening scene of the film take place?
3 million years ago on Cybertron
17,000 years ago at a caveman encampment on Earth
1897 in the Arctic Circle of Earth
6 weeks ago at a pyramid in Egypt
2. Mudflap and Skids collectively transform into an ice cream truck that has this catchphrase on its side:
Choco Taco Gestapo!
I don't scream, you scream, Starscream!
Strawberry Beefcake!
Suck my popsicle!
3. How many different vehicles comprise the Arcee motorcyle deployment unit?
4. Optimus Prime executes another robot by shooting him in the head. Who is the victim of this shocking demonstration of judicial abuse?
Wheelie (Seriously, there is a robot named Wheelie in this film.)
5. What is the big event at the Witwicky household at the start of the film?
Casa De Witwicky is up for sale due to some recent robot-related remodeling.
Sam is heading to college, one with very low admission standards, obviously.
Sam just became a man, thanks to Megan Fox, whose mission in life seems to be making the concept of virginity extinct.
Humping dogs. What is it with Michael Bay and his obsession with humping dogs?
6. What is the first thing Mikaela (Megan Fox) says to Sam Witwicky (son of Indiana Jones)?
I like sex. And female strippers. And having sex with female strippers. No, this is not a desperate cry for attention. Why would you say that?
I'm breaking up with you, Sam.
I've gone a full 8 hours without sex. I've got the shakes.
Does Mikaela actually talk in this movie? I thought the camera just leered at her for 2 1/2 hours.
7. What does Sam find hanging from his jacket?
The same stuff that got the actor playing Sam in trouble at a drug store.
The bracelet he had meant to give Mikaela on their last date.
A bit of the All-Spark. Ancient technology is resistant to anti-cling fabric softener, apparently.
Used condom wrapper from the last random biker Mikaela jumped.
8. Which Transformer is hiding in the Witwicky's garage?
Long Haul
Mix Master
9. Mikaela is pressuring Sam into something. What is it?
Let's just say it's illegal in most states. Also, lube is key.
She wants him to take Bumblebee with him to campus.
She wants him to make an honest woman of her, which is a herculean task.
She wants him to say that he loves her while The Fray plays in the background. Aww, Michael Bay is such a honeydripper.
10. Who takes a prisoner of war in the film, locking them away to prevent further attacks?
Optimus Prime
The Fallen
11. The odds are about 7 trillion to one against this. Then again, it's a movie about transforming robots. So... What is the hobby of Sam's randomly assigned college roommate?
Alien Robot conspiracy theorist
Mystic Language Rosetta Stone conspiracy theorist
Shadowy Government Agency conspiracy theorist
Megan Fox is a Man, Baby conspiracy theorist
12. What is the competing Alien Robot Conspiracy theory guy's pseudonym?
13. What does Mama Witwicky buy on campus?
A very cheap stereo system off the back of a guy's truck.
A new dog. Bay must have been worried that there wasn't enough dog-humping.
Answer sheets for all of Sam's tests. He has otherworldly robots for that, Mom.
Pot brownies, the human equivalent of dog-humping hilarity.
14. At one point in the film, a Decepticon penetrates an Autobot. How is that for the freaky stuff? Specifically, which Decepticon hops a ride inside Bumblebee?
The Doctor
15. Just as Sam and Mikaela get done dumping Alice, another Decepticon shows up to show them a good time. What shape does this Transformer take?
16. The Doctor, not to be confused with a BBC character of the same name, wants something from Sam. What is it?
Brains (he's a zombie Decepticon!)
Decepticons have needs and urges, too. That's all I'll say.
Optimus Prime's address (he should have tried
Sam's shard of the AllSpark
17. Optimus Prime is in a bad mood when he attempts to rescue Sam and Mikaela. Which Decepticon gets their arm ripped off by our hero?
The Fallen
18. Who kills Optimus Prime?
The Fallen
19. Which Transformers pulls a Terrell Owens and takes it upon himself to call a press conference from the Empire State Building?
One-Armed Starscream
The Fallen
20. In another situation where the odds are about 7 trillion to one against, who is revealed to be Robo-Warrior?
Glen Whitmann
Maggie Madsen
Sergeant Epps
Seymour Simmons
21. Where is Simmons working these days?
Bowling alley.
Family deli.
Golf caddy.
Massage Parlor. Yes, ewww.
22. Jetfire, one of the Transformers who has been on Earth since the dawn of mankind, reveals that he...
can't remember anything on this planet after the discovery of fire.
once served The Fallen as a Decepticon before becoming an Autobot.
once served Optimus Prime on Cybertron before becoming a Decepticon.
wants to be Mikaela's sidekick and hump her leg.
23. All of these Transformers are revived from death at some point during Revenge of the Fallen except:
Optimus Prime
The Fallen
24. In a testament to the failings of the educational systems of North America, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen somehow became the [blank] most successful movie of all time in terms of domestic box office. Weep for our youth.
25. There is a rather abrupt sequence wherein the group of humans seeking The Matrix of Leadership is haphazardly transported to Egypt. What was the real life cause of this scene?
Megan Fox had never been to Egypt and campaigned for a location shoot there.
Michael Bay had never been to Egypt and campaigned for a location shoot there.
Shia LaBeouf and Isabel Lucas were in a car crash and LaBeouf broke his hand.
The government of Egypt offered the studio a lucrative tax incentive at the last minute for the film to be shot there.
26. What happens when Sam finds the Matrix of Leadership in the wall?
It aims a compass at the location of the real Matrix of Leadership.
It crumbles to dust.
It revives Optimus Prime.
It signals Devastator to assemble.
27. Who reveals the location of the Sun Harvester inside the pyramid?
Robo-Warrior Simmons
The Fallen
28. Who or what destroys Devastator?
Optimus Prime
Sun Harvester
U.S. Navy Rail Gun
29. Between the two Transformers movies (the Michael Bay ones), all of the following have been killed then brought back to life except:
Optimus Prime
Sam Witwicky
30. What is the secret of the Matrix of Leadership?
It is not found, it is earned.
No matter how sucky the movie is, people will watch it if it has shapeshifting robots.
The person who carries it has the touch. They've got the power. They know that when things get too tough, they've got the touch.
Michael Bay is no Steven Spielberg.

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