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How Well Do You Know: Lost, Season 1 Part 1
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Lost Season 1 quiz

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1. Episode 1: We are introduced to Jack Shepherd, a spinal surgeon, and Kate Austen, a beautiful young woman with a mysterious past, when Jack needs Kate to sew up a wound he got during the plane crash in part one of the “Pilot”. To calm her down, he tells her a story about how he conquered his fears during a surgery gone bad. How old was the patient in the story?
16 years old
20 years old
24 years old
28 years old
2. Episode 1: Originally, the show’s co-creators and co-writers, J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof, envisioned Jack as being a character who would die during the pilot, as a shock to viewers. Though the idea fell by the wayside, what “super” actor was meant to play Jack under the original circumstances?
Val Kilmer
Brandon Routh
Michael Keaton
Ben Affleck
3. Episode 2: In the second part of the “Pilot”, Hurley, an overweight young man, and Sayid, an Iraqi man, bond after Sayid gets in a fight with Sawyer, a Southerner who thinks Sayid had something to do with the plane crash. During their conversation, Hurley talks about a friend of his who served in the military. What unit did Hurley’s friend serve in?
4. Episode 2: What game do Locke, an enigmatic man, and Walt, the estranged son of Michael, play while at the beach?
5. Episode 3: In this episode, “Tabula Rasa”, we find out that Kate was on the run from a U.S. Marshal in Australia before getting onto Oceanic Flight 815. What name was she using to avoid suspicion?
6. Episode 3: Who finds Walt’s dog, Vincent?
7. Episode 4: Before he went to Australia, John Locke worked in a boring office job, but kept himself going by playing war games during his lunch break. What was the code name of his fellow player?
8. Episode 4: Foreshadowing the big twist of “Walkabout”, wherein we find that John Locke was paralyzed from the waist down before crashing on the island, where he was able to walk again, Locke uses the name of a double amputee who climbed Mount Everest as an example of how he can do an Australian walkabout. What is the name of the double amputee?
Norman Croucher
Randy Croucher
William Croucher
Andrew Croucher
9. Episode 5: At the beginning of “White Rabbit”, Boone and Jack unsuccessfully try to save a woman who’s drowning near the beach. What’s more, the woman, named Joanna, was never meant to be on the fateful flight, having been grounded by her doctor because of an ear infection. How many days was she grounded for?
One day
Two days
Three days
Four days
10. Episode 5: In Jack’s flashback, we see that he was in Australia to retrieve the body of his recently deceased father, Christian Shephard. Before getting on the flight, Jack is given a hard time by the Oceanic employee manning the desk in the Sydney airport. What’s her name?
11. Episode 6: What nickname does Sawyer give Sayid early on in “House of the Rising Sun”?
12. Episode 6: When is Walt’s birthday?
May 24th
June 24th
July 24th
August 24th
13. Episode 7: This episode, “The Moth”, was co-written by Paul Dini, well-known for his contributions to the world of comic books. Which of these comic-book adaptation TV shows did Dini NOT write for?
Batman: The Animated Series
Superman: The Animated Series
Batman Beyond
Spider-Man: The Animated Series
14. Episode 7: Charlie, the focal character of the episode, is desperate to get his drugs back for a final fix. However, Locke holds onto the drugs and refuses to give them to Charlie, unless the junkie asks for them how many times?
One time
Two times
Three times
Four times
15. Episode 8: In this episode, Sawyer is accused of taking asthma medication, and is tortured by Sayid for information. What does Sayid use to put under Sawyer’s fingernails?
16. Episode 8: In a subplot in “Confidence Man”, Charlie subtly accuses the obese Hurley that he’s hoarding a secret stash of food because he hasn’t lost any weight. What is one of Hurley’s comebacks, proving that he has lost weight?
He’s down a notch in his belt.
He can see his toes.
He doesn’t run out of breath anymore.
He’s been starving himself.
17. Episode 8: In his flashback, we see Sawyer pulling a con job on a beautiful woman, saying he needs money for an investment in oil drilling. In what city is Sawyer’s investor?
New York
18. Episode 9: The subplot of “Solitary” revolves around Hurley building a makeshift golf course on the island. Jack becomes one of the top players, as many castaways bet money on whether he’ll win a game. Sawyer bets tubes of sunscreen on him; how many tubes does he bet?
19. Episode 9: How many years has Sayid been holding onto the hope that he will one day see his long-lost love, Nadia?
6 years
7 years
8 years
9 years
20. Episode 10: “Raised by Another” introduces the idea that there are other people living on the island, the castaways having been unaware until now. The actor who plays the first Other on the island is William Mapother, who is related to what famous actor?
Tom Hanks
Mel Gibson
Tom Cruise
George Clooney
21. Episode 10: How much money does the psychic offer Claire to take Oceanic Flight 815 and have her baby in Los Angeles?
22. Episode 11: Who finds the metal embedded in the ground at the very end of “All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues”?
Boone and Shannon
Locke and Shannon
Boone and Michael
Boone and Locke
23. Episode 11: What makes Jack tell the truth about his father being drunk while performing an unsuccessful surgery?
Jack finds out the woman was his sister.
Jack finds out the woman was pregnant.
Jack finds out the woman was really a man.
Jack finds out the woman didn’t need the surgery.
24. Episode 12: In Kate’s flashback in “Whatever The Case May Be”, she breaks into a bank to get into a safety deposit box. What’s the number of the box?
25. Episode 12: Shannon deciphers some writing on the map Sayid stole from Danielle Rousseau, and realizes it’s a song dubbed in French thanks to a movie that her boyfriend’s son watched all the time. What movie is Shannon referring to, but not by name?
Monsters, Inc.
Finding Nemo
Toy Story 2
a bug’s life

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