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How Well Do You Know: The Lost Boys
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The Lost Boys quiz

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Where are the answers, lol.
coltaustin 6/23/14 9:10 am


1. The film's opening scene, in which we first see David and the other vampires, occurs at a:
Boardwalk midway
Shopping mall
Movie theater
Public swimming pool
2. Michael and Sam's new home of Santa Carla has this distinction:
Most losers per square mile on earth
Best looking vampires anywhere!
100% charisma free
Murder capital of the world
3. Oh, that wacky Grandpa. He subscribes to _______ even though ___________.
GQ / he wears nothing but bathrobes and blue jeans
Model Railroader Magazine / he only builds models so he can sniff the glue
TV Guide / he doesn't have a TV
Cat Fancy / he hates cats, and doesn't think they're at all fancy
4. Michael first catches Star's eye at:
A concert
A police station
A car wash
5. The Two Coreys come together on screen for the first time when Sam meets Edgar and Alan in a comic book store. What is the last name of Edgar and Alan?
6. David and the boys take Michael out riding motorcycles, and nearly kill him when they almost:
Make him drive into a train
Blow up his bike
Make him drive off a cliff
Get him crushed by a steamroller
7. Grandpa likes to pursue this hobby, which is of some importance later in the film:
Stamp collecting
Medieval weaponry collecting
Raising garlic
8. David's gang has fun with Michael over Chinese food. Which two items appear to Michael as varying forms of vermin?
Rice and fortune cookies
Noodles and rice
Fortune cookies and dumplings
Noodles and dumplings
9. Michael starts down the vampiric road when:
Star kisses him
He drinks blood, thinking it is wine
David bites him
Star bites him
10. Which of the following is not the name of a vampire in David's gang?
11. Going out on a date, Grandpa needs something that might pass as after-shave. Sam suggests:
Dishwashing liquid
Bacon grease
12. Nanook the dog has to intervene to protect Sam when Michael comes for him as Sam is:
Taking a bath
Watching a scary movie
Trying to pierce his ear
13. When Max came over for dinner, Sam, Edgar and Alan tried a number of things to expose him as a vampire. Which of the following was not one of them?
Spilled water on him
Fed him garlic
Put a bloody steak on his plate
Held a mirror up to him
14. Michael witnessed David and Company feast on a bunch of punks:
Graffitiying a warehouse
Beating up a bunch of boys
Partying around a bonfire
Gathering in a cemetery
15. It's not bad enough that Michael has to look after Star. Also along for the ride a pipsqueak named:
16. Which group storms David's lair during the day?
Sam, Edgar and Alan only
Michael, Sam, Edgar and Alan
Sam, Edgar, Allan and Grandpa
Michael and Sam only
17. How many vampires are staked during the raid?
18. Sam was only barely able to escape the lair, thanks to:
Holy water
A cross
19. When the vampires attacked Sam and Michael's house, where was Lucy (their mother)?
At dinner with Max
At work
In the garden in the front of the house
On her way home from work
20. How did the first vampire die inside the house?
By a stake through the heart
Fatally burned by sunlight
In a holy water bath
Stabbed in the eye with a crucifix
21. Complete one of the greatest movie quotes, ever: "Death by...."
22. David meets his doom when he is impaled on:
A banister
A broken barstool
A garden rake
23. As everyone realizes that Max in the head vampire, Max suggests that what he was after all along was:
Sam and Michael
The land on which Grandpa's house was built
24. Key to the climax of the film, the song that plays when Grandpa's horn sounds is:
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
La Cucaracha
25. A remake of this classic rock song plays as the closing credits begin to roll:
Like a Rolling Stone
People Are Strange
Paradise by the Dashboard Lights
Don't Fear the Reaper

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