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How Well Do You Know: Heat
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Chris Pronger makes a less than graceful exit from Edmonton

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1. Which of the principles appears on-screen first in the film?
Val Kilmer
Robert De Niro
Al Pacino
They all appear in the opening scene together
2. Chris Sheherlis is first shown on screen
Making love to his wife
Playing with his son
Buying explosives
Stealing blueprints for a bank
3. Which actress plays Hanna's step-daughter Lauren?
Natalie Portman
Scarlett Johansson
Lindsay Lohan
Michelle Rodriguez
4. Which of the following were not used in the robbery of the armored car?
Hockey masks
Stun guns
An ambulance
A large green truck
5. For the armored car job, which member of McCauley's crew was a new addition?
6. McCauley intends to kill Waingro outside the diner after the armored car job. Why doesn't he?
He promised his mother he wouldn't kill anymore
Waingro paid him off
A police car drove by
His gun was out of bullets
7. What actress plays Eady, McCauley's love interest in the movie?
Amy Brenneman
Kim Delaney
Dana Delaney
Ashley Judd
8. Jon Voigt plays a shadowy associate of McCauley's named
9. Hanna gets a tip as to the identity of Cheritto from a character played by what rapper?
LL Cool J
Tone Loc
Young MC
Ice Cube
10. Why does Roger Van Zant want to kill McCauley?
Van Zant's wife slept with Neil
Van Zant is Waingro's brother
Neil testified against Van Zant in a criminal trial
Van Zant owned the bearer bonds stolen in the armored truck job
11. Van Zant's men try unsuccessfully to ambush Neil as he attempts to sell back the bonds from the armored truck job. This scene takes place at:
An airport
A drive-in theatre
A construction site
A shopping mall parking lot
12. Hanna's detectives make Neil's crew as they all walk out together after:
Attending church
Eating dinner
Going to a movie
Getting off an airplane
13. Apart from the armored truck robbery, what other crime does Waingro commit in the film?
He holds up a convenience store
He traffics drugs
He robs a jewelry store
He kills a prostitute
14. Dennis Haysbert plays a parolee whose attempt to go straight is complicated by the fact that:
His boss is corrupt
He is addicted to gambling
He is addicted to heroin
His bats are afraid of curveballs
15. The police attempt to bust McCauley and his crew during a break-in. What alerts Neil that he is being watched?
The police trip a motion sensor
Neil picks up on the police communication
Police helicopters fly overhead
A noise comes from the surveillance van
16. Who is Alan Marciano?
One of Hanna's detectives
McCauley's financier
Van Zan'ts bodyguard
The man who was sleeping with Charlene
17. How do Hanna and McCauley end up having coffee together?
They meet accidentally in the restaurant
Hanna pulls McCauley over on the freeway
Hanna waits for McCauley outside his house
Hanna has McCauley arrested and brought to the restaurant
18. What happened while Hanna was having coffee with McCauley?
McCauley's crew dumped surveillance
McCauley's crew robbed a bank
Waingro was killed
Roger Van Zant was killed
19. Which member of McCauley's crew didn't show up for the bank job?
20. What was the name of the bank that was held up?
Southwest Federal
First New Republic
Consolidated Metropolitan
Far East National
21. Which of Neil's crew was killed at the end the shootout following the bank robbery?
22. From the time the first shots are fired until the character in the previous question is killed, about how many minutes of film time does the shootout take?
23. Where does McCauley kill Van Zant?
In a museum
In Van Zant's house
Outside the bank
In a police station
24. Which singer plays Hugh Benny, the employee of Van Zant who informs the police of the bank job?
Anthony Kiedis
Eddie Vedder
Sammy Hagar
Henry Rollins
25. Hanna finds out that his wife is cheating on him. What angers Hanna the most?
That she wasn't truthful with him
That she doesn't love him
That the other man is a criminal
That the other man is watching his television
26. Chris is able to avoid capture by the police toward the end of the movie because
He outran the police on the highway
Charlene signaled a warning to him
He was unrecognizable after plastic surgery
Neil had him flown out of the country
27. How does Lauren try to kill herself?
Cutting herself
Jumping off a bridge
28. McCauley finally kills Waingro:
At a hotel
As Waingro is boarding an airplane
By running Waingro off the road
In a hospital
29. Which of the following had a role to play in Hanna shooting McCauley?
30. The film won Academy Award nominations for:
Original Screenplay
Lead Actor (Pacino)
The film received no nominations

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