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How Well Do You Know: Shaun of the Dead
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Shaun of the Dead quiz

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1. What’s the name of the pub where Shaun spends his evenings?
The Cock and Bull
The Highwayman
The Winchester Tavern
The Saracen’s Head
2. In the opening credits, Shaun gives some change to a beggar. What breed of dog does the man have, and what color is it?
A harlequin Great Dane
A white miniature Poodle
A brown-and-white English bulldog
A black German Shepherd
3. Whilst Shaun is trying to convince his mother it’s no bother to come fetch her, what famous horror film does Ed reference when he shouts confirmation they’re definitely going to rescue her?
Fright Night
Night of the Living Dead
Nightmare on Elm Street
Evil Dead
4. What real-life British newsreader’s telecast provides Shaun and Ed with information regarding the zombie outbreak?
Jeremy Thompson
Sian Williams
Moira Stuart
Natasha Kaplinsky
5. What does Liz give Shaun as her reason for splitting up with him?
He won’t drink red wine instead of beer
He won’t go back to the gym, and he really needs to exercise
She’s been having an affair with her flat-mate, David, and doesn’t want him any more
She’ll drink herself to death with the rest of the sad old f***s at the pub, wondering what happened
6. By what endearment does Shaun’s mother, Barbara, refer to him?
7. Trying to cheer Shaun up after the break-up with Liz, Ed tries to prove her wrong by proclaiming the pub regulars are “rich, interesting characters” and providing Shaun with their backstories. What’s the name he gives the man in the cowboy boots, and what’s his story?
Snake Eyes; he’s a former Texas Hold ‘Em champ who lost all his money trying to win the Irish sweepstakes
Snake Charmer; he’s an ex-porn star known for his ability to do tricks with his trouser snake
Snakehips; he’s a bigamist who strangled his first wife to death and invented the mobile disco
Snakebite; he’s an ex-CIA agent responsible for the secret program to assassinate Fidel Castro
8. How old was Shaun when Barbara married his stepfather, Philip?
Six years old
Ten years old
Twelve years old
Twenty years old
9. What’s the name of the quiz team Shaun and Ed have at the pub?
Jeopardy! Returning Champions
Quizzers With Attitude
Astonishing Quiz Masters
Quiz Kids Redux
10. What’s Ed’s probably made-up history for the old woman behind them?
Once a porn actress who starred in England’s first interracial hardcore film, Café Au Lait
Once Prince Philip’s mistress, she gave up their illegitimate daughter to a family named Thatcher
Once married to Snakehips, she still loves him madly but fears him, so watches him at a distance
Once a fashion director who decreed super-skinny models would never catch on in the fashion industry
11. What precious item does Barbara give Liz when she realizes she’s dying?
A bracelet Shaun made for her when he was a child
A necklace Shaun’s real father gave her
The keys to Philip’s Jaguar
An original pressing of My Bonny
12. Seems there’s always some big rock event these days to help the victims of this or that calamity. What’s the name of the one in the film?
We Are the Underworld
Hands Across Hades
13. Where does Shaun work?
The Home Office
Lloyd’s of London
Foree Electric
Mrs Lovett’s Meat Pies
14. Why doesn’t Shaun believe anything Big Al says?
Because Big Al claims dogs can’t look up
Because Big Al claims the US moon landing was a hoax
Because Big Al claims that Barbara was once a stripper
Because Big Al claims half-ownership of Manchester United
15. What’s the name of the Queen song to which Shaun, Ed and Liz synchronize their blows in trying to kill the now-zombified John?
We Are the Champions
Don’t Stop Me Now
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Bohemian Rhapsody
16. What does the newscaster call the tame zombies?
The spawn of Satan
The breathing-impaired
The mobile undead
Duh. Zombies
17. Once and for all: was the Winchester above the bar real?
Maybe so
What's a Winchester?
18. Does Ed make it to the end of the film?
Yes; he and Shaun live happily ever after in their Pete-less flat.
No; the zombies have him for tea.
I think being ripped apart by zombies pretty much excludes “make it” by any definition.
He makes it, but as a zombie chained in the garden shed
19. What’s the clever name for the zombie game show?
The Weakest Limb
Whose Zombie Is It Anyway?
Fun Dead
The BBC Six O’Clock News
20. What actual band appears on television to promote ZombAid?
The Rolling Stones
Fallout Boy

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