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How Well Do You Know: Diamonds Are Forever
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Diamonds Are Forever quiz

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Bond is on the hunt for Blofeld, and comes across Marie, the last link in the chain. Bond threatens to strangle her with:
his hands
his belt
his watch
her bikini top
Bond finds Blofeld at a secret plastic surgery clinic. How does he dispatch him?
skewering him with a scalpel
drowning him in boiling mud
punching him into a vat of chemical peel
hooking him up to the liposuction machine
Meanwhile in South Africa, the highly-camp killers Mr Wint and Mr Kidd murder a diamond-smuggling dentist using a:
The next link in the diamond smuggling chain, Mrs Whistler, smuggles the diamonds to Amsterdam in:
a Holy Bible
golf balls
a chandelier
her hair
Bond goes undercover as diamond smuggle Peter Franks. Moneypenny sees him off and asks for a diamond… in a ring. Bond asks if she will settle for:
a tulip
a nice Gouda
This is Tiffany Case. She was named Tiffany because:
her father couldn’t afford a ring, so she was the next best thing
her mother always wanted something from Tiffany’s
her brother was called Cartier
she was born there
When Bond first arrives at Tiffany Case’s apartment, her hair is:
Despite first appearances, Tiffany is actually a redhead. What hair colour does Bond prefer?
provided the collars and cuffs match...
Franks turns up at Tiffany’s apartment and Bond kills him and switches wallets. Tiffany identifies Franks as Bond thanks to Bond’s:
driver’s licence
MI6 identification
Playboy Club membership card
Bond smuggles the diamonds into the United States and takes them to a Las Vegas funeral home called:
Slumber Inc.
Earthman Funeral Homes
John R. Deady Memorial Chapel
Cemetery Junction
Wint and Kidd attempt to kill Bond by:
burying him alive
cremating him alive
locking him in a coffin in a mausoleum
hitting him over the head with a shovel
While playing craps, Bond meets this young lady, who may have been named for her father:
Willie Schlongstein
Chubby Johnson
Plenty O’Toole
Dixie Normous
Tiffany picks up the diamonds at the Circus Circus Las Vegas by winning at:
the water gun range
Aside from Q, who else wins at the slot machines?
Felix Leiter
an elephant
Bond infiltrates a secret laboratory posing as Klaus Hergesheimer, whose job is:
in-core fuel management
technical supervisor
checking radiation shields
hazardous waste treatment
While escaping from the secret laboratory, Bond interrupts:
a germ warfare experiment
a satellite launch
a nuclear detonation
a fake moon landing
Bond breaks into the penthouse apartment of billionaire recluse Willard Whyte, only to find two Blofelds. How does he decide which one to kill?
the one who taunts him about his wife
the one the cat likes
the one who tells him about the evil plan
the one who minces the most
Wint and Kidd continue their incompetent series of assassination attempts against Bond by:
locking him in a magician’s dressing room and hoping a tiger eats him
leaving him unconscious in a pipeline and hoping he doesn’t wake up and crawl out
tossing out of a hotel window and hoping he doesn’t land in a swimming pool
dumping him at a blackjack table and hoping he doesn’t get comped
Bond finds Willard Whyte is being held by Blofend in Whyte’s summer house, guarded by
Bambi and Thumper
Mickey and Minnie
Bugs and Porky
Sylvester and Tweety
The diamonds have been put on a satellite to create a laser Blofeld uses to start destroying the world’s:
great monuments
nuclear weapons
biggest cities
best restaurants
The master satellite control tape is hidden inside:
World’s Greatest Marches
French Accordion Classics
Ballads of Irish Chivalry
The Magic of Panpipes
The climactic scene where Bond foils Blofeld’s plans and saves the world takes place on:
a nuclear test site
a submarine
an oil rig
the top floor of the Whyte House
Bond has switched the satellite master control tape with a fake, and shoves the real one down Tiffany’s bikini bottom. What does she do with it?
stomps on it
throws it into the ocean
hands it over to Blofeld
switches it for the fake one
Job done and Blofeld (apparently) dead, Bond sails back to England with Tiffany on the Queen Mary. However, Wint and Kidd are disguised as waiters, and try to kill him with:
a compressed-air bottle opener
the knife used to carve the lamb
a bomb hidden inside the dessert
the salmon mousse
Bonus Question: Which of the following scenes was filmed, but not used in the final cut of Diamonds are Forever?
henchmen chasing Bond through a Tom Jones concert
Dean Martin having his golf game interrupted by a car chase
Sammy Davis Jr. cracking jokes at Bond’s white tuxedo
Bond running through a kitchen, past Elvis Presley making a sandwich

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