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How Well Do You Know: Total Recall
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Total Recall quiz

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1. Total Recall is based on which short story by Philip K. Dick?
We Can Remember It For You Wholesale
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Second Variety
The Golden Man
2. The movie opens with our hero, Quaid, dreaming is he on which planet?
3. Quaid’s wife, Lori, is played by:
Greta Scacchi
Kelly Lynch
Sharon Stone
Linda Fiorentino
4. Quaid visits a company that sells fake memories. Name the company:
5. Quaid buys a vacation, and gets the “ego trip” option so he can take a vacation from himself. His new identity?
millionaire playboy
secret agent
sports hero
industrial tycoon
6. As part of his vacation, Quaid also gets to pick the type of woman he wants to meet. Quaid chooses:
sleazy and demure
7. Unfortunately there’s a problem - Quaid has a:
schizoid embolism
retrograde aneurysm
cerebral vasospasm
dysthimic hemorrage
8. Rekall covers it up and Quaid wakes up with no memories of his visit outside his house in a:
9. Inside his apartment, Quaid is attacked by his wife, Lori. Lori’s boyfriend, Richter, is played by:
Michael Ironside
Clancy Brown
Kurtwood Smith
Gary Busey
10. After a chase through the subway, Quaid escapes in a Johnnycab. He refuses to pay the fare, at which the Johnnycab is programmed to:
lock him inside
clamp his leg
run him over
11. Quaid collects a briefcase which contains a video he apparently left for himself, before his memory was wiped. What was Quaid’s former name?
12. The briefcase also contains fake IDs, money, various tech devices and a disguise which allows Quaid to travel to Mars undetected. What is the disguise?
a large, bald black man
an immensely fat man
an old, frumpy lady
an Estonian little person
13. Unfortunately, the disguise malfunctions. What phrase does it repeat over and over?
“For a vacation.”
“I want to meet a man.”
“Two weeks.”
“Just my clothes.”
14. Quaid escapes again, checks into a hotel and gets a clue to visit someone called Melina. Quaid checks in under a fake name:
15. Mars is ruled by Cohaagen, thanks to his monopoly of air production. Much of the planet’s human population has mutated due to:
having to work in the turbinium mines
chemicals in the ‘water’ that most people have to drink
the cheaply-constructed living areas, which do not protect against cosmic rays
consuming Martian mushrooms
16. Quaid is confronted by Dr Edgemar from Rekall, and also Lori, who tell him his adventures on Mars are all in his mind. What should Lori consider a divorce?
Quaid walking out of the room
Quaid locking her in the closet
Quaid stabbing her in the heart
Quaid shooting her between her eyes
17. Quaid has befriended a mutant cab-driver, Bennie. How many children he repeatedly claim he has to feed?
18. Quaid meets Kuato, the hidden leader of the Martian Resistance. Kuato’s a very peculiar mutant because:
He has two heads
He can change shape at will
His brain grows outside of his skull
He grows out of his brother’s abdomen
19. Bennie is revealed to be working for the bad guys. How does Quaid dispose of him?
he throws a grenade in the mining vehicle Bennie is driving
he drives a mining drill through Bennie’s body
he pushes Bennie through a vent into the Martian atmosphere
he runs Bennie over with his own cab, then reverses
20. Cohaagen reveals to Quaid that Hauser wanted to have his memory wiped. Why?
he had betrayed Cohaagen – the choice was that or death
so he could infiltrate the psychic mutants
it’s part of the ‘secret agent’ option at Rekall
he was tired of killing and wanted to live a peaceful life on Earth
21. Quaid and Melina make it to the alien machine, but so do Cohaagen, Richter and company. What device comes in handy for our heroes in disposing of the henchmen?
remote detonated limpet mines
holographic projector
powered armor
gravity gun
22. What part of Richter’s body is severed before he dies?
his legs
his torso
his hands
his genitals
23. The alien machine is activated by pressing a button with an alien handprint. How many fingers on the handprint?
24. Quaid activates the alien machine. What does the machine do?
melts the ice cap, making a great sea
creates a breathable atmosphere
causes the surface of Mars to bloom with plant life
destroys the planet
25. Bonus Question: Which of the following devices from Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy “trilogy” does not feature in Total Recall?
a towel is used to solve a problem
a prostitute with three breasts
a clinically depressed robot
a character is revealed to have wiped his own memory

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