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1. The movie opens with Francis X Hummel visiting the grave of his deceased wife. What does he leave there?
his Silver Star
his Navy Cross
his Coast Guard Distinguished Service Medal
his Congressional Medal of Honor
2. Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, FBI chemical weapons superfreak Stanley Goodspeed has received a vinyl copy of which Beatles album?
the White Album
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
Rubber Soul
Meet the Beatles
3. Goodspeed is called into action to investigate some Serbian aid to Bosnia, which includes a canister of sarin gas hidden inside:
a stuffed pony
a teddy bear
a baby doll
Barney the Dinosaur
4. Goodspeed is recovering from his hectic day, and his girlfriend Carla has some great news:
she is leaving him
her mother is coming to visit
she is pregnant
she has arranged a threesome
5. After seizing some VX nerve gas and rockets, Hummel and his men take over what tourist attraction?
Ellis Island
Fort Sumter
Liberty Island
6. Hummel is a Brigadier-General in the United States:
Air Force
Marine Corps
7. The Grand Cayman Red Sea Trading Company is a slush fund for the Pentagon’s:
illegal arms sales
illegal chemical weapons research
illegal wiretapping network
illegal ‘wet’ operations
8. Goodspeed and Carla are making out on a rooftop overflowing with candles. What about Carla does Goodspeed find very naughty?
her camouflage underwear
her pigtails
her schoolgirl uniform
her librarian glasses
9. The FBI bring in John Mason, a former British intelligence officer who escaped from Alcatraz, for some first-hand knowledge. Who does Mason not compare himself to?
Sir Walter Raleigh
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Mahatma Gandhi
10. Mason and Goodspeed have to go to Alcatraz with the Navy SEALS. Goodspeed is not allowed to reveal he’s a chemical weapons export, so he says he is an expert in
hand-to-hand combat
hostage negotiations
biological weapons
11. Mason is taken to the Fairmont Hotel. While he is in the shower, he sings:
San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)
I Left My Heart in San Francisco
San Franciscan Nights
Do You Know The Way To San Jose
12. Mason escapes from the hotel in a Humvee. Goodspeed chases after him in a convenient:
Shelby Cobra
13. In the short time he has, Mason contacts his daughter and arranges to meet her at:
Coit Tower
the Conservatory in Golden Gate Park
the Palace of Fine Arts
the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
14. Mason met Jade’s mother in a bar after a concert by which band?
Led Zeppelin
The Grateful Dead
Simon & Garfunkel
The Mamas & the Papas
15. “Earlier today you wanted a gun. Now you’re getting a gun and…” what?
combat boots
a wetsuit
a bulletproof vest
some atropine
16. No one trusts Mason one bit – he only has three items in his special operational gear. What is not included?
chewing gum
waterproof matches
17. Mason leads the Navy SEALS through the tunnels and the mysteriously lit flame-machinery into:
the exercise yard
the guards’ locker room
the shower room
the canteen
18. The Navy SEALS are all killed, and Mason and Goodspeed are the only survivors. Commander Anderson, who leads the Navy SEALS, is played by:
William Fichtner
Tom Berenger
Michael Biehn
John McGinley
19. Goodspeed has never been in combat before. The first time he has to kill someone, he does it:
with an air conditioner
with a mine car
with a rocket
with his gun
20. Turns out Mason was imprisoned for stealing John Edgar Hoover’s secret files which, according to Womack, include information on:
Martin Luther King’s assassination
Kennedy’s links to the Mafia
testing LSD on subway commuters
the alien landings at Roswell
21. We all know that winners get to do with the prom queen, but according to Mason, what do losers always do?
whine about their best
ask to be given a break
complain about what’s fair
what is easy
22. What kind of car does Goodspeed drive?
a maroon Buick
a sky blue Volkswagen
a beige Volvo
a grey Honda
23. Mason and Goodspeed destroy all but two of the rocket guidance chips, but are captured. One of their captor’s turns of phrase has a particular impact on Goodspeed:
“You're being given your last chance by a man with a gun.”
“I can't cut off anyone's balls with a trimmer, now can I?”
“I’d take pleasure in gutting you, boy.”
“How’s your bowling arm?”
24. How in the name of Zeus' butthole does Mason get out of his cell?
cutting through the bars with a makeshift saw
using a rope made from his bedsheets to open the door release
tunnelling through the cell wall
picking the lock with a bedspring
25. Hummel’s demands have been turned down, so he launches a missile. The target?
Fisherman’s Wharf
City Hall
Candlestick Park
26. Hummel destroys the missile, and Captains Frye and Darrow go ballistic and kill him. Before he dies, he tells Mason and Goodspeed the location of the last rocket. Where is it?
model industries building
water tower
power house
lower lighthouse
27. Goodspeed asks Captain Darrow if he likes:
the Beatles song, Happiness is a Warm Gun
the Rolling Stones song, Start Me Up
the David Bowie Song, Major Tom
the Elton John song, Rocket Man
28. Goodspeed kills Captain Frye by:
force-feeding him nerve gas
attaching a grenade to his belt and pulling the pin
stabbing him with the atropine needle
lighting a flare in his face
29. After the bad guys are dead and the Air Force drops liquid plasma on the Rock, Goodspeed explains to the FBI that Mason was:
30. But Mason is alive, and before he leaves, he informs Goodspeed that the microfilm is in Fort Walton, Kansas, hidden inside:
the roof of a bait store
a drive-in theatre screen
a ventilation shaft in a motel
the leg of a church pew

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