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How Well Do You Know: Clerks
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1. What is the name of the store where Dante works?
Gas N' Sip
Quick Stop
2. How much does Dante pay for the morning newspapers?
A quarter
Fifty cents
Nothing (eventually).
Why would a clerk pay for newspapers? The store is full of them.
3. What sign does Dante post to indicate his store is open?
I assure you we're open.
Never mind the shutters. We're open.
Open (duh)
Shop here or not. I get paid the same.
4. What is the ulterior motive of the anti-cigarette ranter?
He hates Dante and is trying to stir up trouble.
He is trying to enhance chewing gum sales. No, really.
His parents died from lung cancer.
There is no reason. He's just a dick.
5. Which character's first appearance involves the usage of a fire extinguisher?
6. How many women has Dante slept with?
Only Veronica and Caitlin Bree
He's over halfway to being the 40-Year-Old Virgin
7. You're the customer. Dante looks at you and says, "My girlfriend sucked 37 dicks." There is but one reply. What is it?
"Can I have her phone number?"
"In a row?"
"Is this her?"
"Try not to suck any dick on the way to the parking lot."
8. How does Dante get revenge on the "air traffic controller" jerk?
Dante is such a sucker that he just grins and takes it.
He refuses to hold Navy Seals for the guy.
He throws away the man's keys.
He throws away the man's videotape.
9. What does Randal bet the woman standing outside the video store?
That he can talk Dante into playing hockey on the roof.
That he knows all the words to Berserker.
That she will go down on him and make like a circus seal.
That she doesn't get to rent Dental School.
10. How many times did Caitlin Bree cheat on Dante?
8 1/2
37. But not in a row.
None. What type of girl do you think she is?
11. Randal says four people need to talk over Caitlin and Dante's relationship. Dante is one of the four. Which of these is not one of the three others?
Caitlin's fiance
12. Which of these movie titles does Randal not purchase during his phone call to the warehouse?
Come On Eileen
My Pipes Need Cleaning
Put It Where It Doesn't Belong
13. What does Jay say is Olaf's band's name?
Capitalist Swine Pigs
Fuck Your Yankee Blue Jeans
Olaf's Commie Metal Review
The Scorpions
14. Which of these is not a lyric from Berserker?
Let's fighting love. Berserker.
My love for you is ticking clock. Berserker.
My love for you is like a truck. Berserker.
Would you like to suck my cock. Berserker.
15. For whose house did the contractor customer have the opportunity to do roofing?
Bruce Springsteen
Dominic "Baby Face" Bambino
Jon Bon Jovi
Vito "Big Vinny" Bonpensiero
16. What does Randal not appreciate about the "are any one of these good" customer?
Her attitude
Her existence
Her flirting
Her ruse
17. Which of these five dollar words is not used as a chapter title in Clerks?
18. Where does Dante's re-located hockey match take place?
Anaheim...they get to be Mighty Ducks for an afternoon!
The park
The roof
The street
19. The old man who is about to die asks for several things from Dante. These include all of the following except:
Big-tittied pornography
Soft toilet paper
Use of the bathroom
20. What is Silent Bob's only line in the film?
Did he just say 'making fuck'?
Snoochie Boochies
Trick Question: He never speaks because he's silent.
There's a million fine looking women in the world, dude. But they don't all bring you lasagna.
21. Why does Caitlin Bree say Randal might be let down if he joins in her sexual escapades with Dante?
Dante isn't a big fan of "crossing beams".
It's the wrong kind of threesome.
She lost her virginity ten years ago.
She's not a hermaphrodite.
22. How did Randal's cousin die?
Broke his neck while trying to suck his own dick.
Embolism in a pool.
Jumping off a roof while trying to fly.
A tragic hermaphroditic porn accident.
23. What does Randal say is the name of the cat?
Annoying Customer
Santa's Little Helper
24. What does Randal say Caitlin and him have in common?
A love of hermaphroditic porn.
Dante is important to both of them.
They both cheated on Dante with Alyssa Jones
They both eat Chinese.
25. Randal's accomplishments (?) during the movie include all of the following except:
He sells cigarettes to a small girl, causing Dante to get heavily fined.
He knocks over a casket, causing the body to fall out.
He ends Dante's relationship with Veronica.
He tricks Caitlin into sleeping with a dead guy.

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