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How Well Do You Know: The Proposal
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The Proposal quiz

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1. Margaret and Andrew work in this profession:
Information Technology
Health Care
2. Early in the film, Margaret fires one of her subordinates. What was the primary reason behind the firing?
He has been bad-mouthing her in company emails
Because it is Tuesday
He is chronically late
He failed to get a prominent author to appear on Oprah
3. Margaret tells Mr. Gilbertson, the immigration official, that her parents cannot vouch for her relationship with Andrew because:
She hasn't spoken to them in 10 years
They're dead
They're in the Peace Corp in remote Africa
The believe she's a lesbian
4. On the weekend during which the primary events of the film take place, Andrew was supposed to go home. For what event was he to be traveling?
His grandmother's 90th birthday
His parents' 25th anniversary
His mother's 50th birthday
The yearly family reunion
5. To yank Margaret's chain a bit, Andrew forces her to propose:
Via fortune cookie
With skywriting
By getting down on her knees on a busy sidewalk
In iambic pentameter
6. To meet his family, Andrew and Margaret travel to this remote state:
7. Traveling through Andrew's hometown of Sitka, Margaret realizes:
His family are the only residents
His family owns most of the town
The town is haunted
The town is patterned after New York City
8. At Andrew's welcome-home party, we meet Ramone, played by The Office's Oscar Nunez. Ramone wears many hats, as we later see him in each of the following roles, except for:
Officiant at Andrew and Margaret's wedding
Store clerk
Chief of police
Exotic dancer
9. According to Andrew and Margaret's patchwork story of their engagement, he proposed to her:
At a baseball game
On a subway
At the top of the Statue of Liberty
In a hotel room
10. Andrew's grandmother gives Margaret a blanket that supposedly has special powers. The blanket is known as:
The Baby Maker
The Quilt of Dreams
Romantic Thunder
The Boot Knocker
11. Trying to keep an eagle from making off with Kevin, the family dog, Margaret ends up sacrificing her _______ to the bird:
Cell phone
Hair extensions
Engagement ring
12. The main source of tension between Andrew and his father is that:
Andrew thinks his father is cheating on his mother
Andrew's father doesn't think his relationship with Margaret is genuine
Andrew doesn't want to take over the family businesses
Andrew's father thinks Andrew has been squandering the family fortunes
13. Margaret is subjected to a performance by an exotic (?) dancer, who performs to a song by:
Duran Duran
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
George Michael
Culture Club
14. Malin Akerman plays Andrew's former girlfriend Gertrude. We learn that things didn't work out between the two because:
She didn't think he loved her
He didn't think she loved him
She wanted kids, he didn't
He wanted to move away from Sitka, she didn't
15. Which of the following did not contribute to Andrew falling on top of Margaret as they were both naked?
Andrew stripped on the balcony off their bedroom
Margaret was hiding from Andrew's grandmother
Margaret emerged from the shower looking for a towel
Kevin the dog was in the bedroom
16. Margaret confides in Andrew that her first concert was to see the artist behind this novelty song:
The Macarena
It Takes Two
Who Let the Dogs Out
Rico Suave
17. Going for a bike ride, Margaret comes across:
Andrew making out with Gertrude
Andrew's parents fighting over their son
Andrew's grandmother doing some sort of tribal chant
A bear eating Kevin the dog
18. Joining in with the chanting (did you get the previous question right?), Margaret uses the lyrics to:
A lewd rap song
The theme to The Muppet Show
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
A showtune
19. Gammy wants Margaret to wear her wedding dress. Why does it need to be altered?
Gammy was much shorter than Margaret
Gammy was much taller than Margaret
Gammy was better endowed than Margaret
Margaret apparently has a rather thick neck
20. As tension over the wedding builds, Margaret storms off in a boat, which leads to:
Margaret falling out of the boat
Andrew falling out of the boat
Both Andrew and Margaret falling out of the boat
The boat being destroyed as Margaret rams is into a buoy
21. Andrew's father finds out that the marriage is a sham. He learns this from:
Bob, a disgruntled former employee
Mr. Gilbertson, the immigration official
Andrew's roommate
22. Who stops the wedding?
Andrew's father
23. After Margaret called off the wedding and surrendered to Mr. Gilbertson, who persuades Andrew to go after her?
His grandmother
His father
His mother
24. Gammy faked _________ to get Andrew to the airport
A stroke
A heart attack
25. In the interviews that appear on-screen as the credits roll, which question about Andrew does Margaret have the most trouble answering?
What car he drives
His favorite color
What side of the bed he sleeps on
What brand of deodorant he uses

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