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How Well Do You Know: Saw
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Saw movie quiz

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1. Adam and Lawrence awaken in a bathroom to find a body on the floor. What is not true of the body?
The body is face up
The body is lying in a pool of blood
One hand holds a revolver
One hand holds a cassette player
2. Both men find an envelope in their pocket. The envelope contains a cassette tape. The tape is labeled simply:
Game On
Listen Now
Your Clue
Play Me
3. Along with the tape, Lawrence finds these two items in his envelope:
A key and a bullet
A bullet and a cell phone
A key and a phone number
A phone number and a cell phone
4. When the men notice the clock on the wall, it reads approximately 10:30. The voice on the tape states that Lawrence has until what time to kill Adam, lest his wife and daughter be killed?
5. Where does Adam find the a bundle enclosing the hacksaws?
Under the bathtub
Under the toilet
In the toilet tank
Behind wall tiles he busts up
6. In a flashback, we meet Detectives Tapp and Sing, who come across a victim of the Jigsaw Killer. The victim died by:
Razor blades
Laser beams
Barbed wire
Razor wire
7. The detectives briefly considered Lawrence as a suspect in the Jigsaw murders. Why?
His business card was found stuffed in the mouth of one of his victims
They found his penlight on one of the victims
His prints were lifted from a stethoscope found a a murder scene
His phone number was in the callback list of one of the victims
8. After he is cleared of suspicion, Lawrence hears from Amanda, the only person to have ever escaped one of the Jigsaw's deathtraps. She escaped by retrieving a key from the _____ of a (supposedly) dead body in the room with her.
9. Adam realizes that he and Lawrence are being watched when he:
Sees a shadow pass by a crack in the door
Spots a surveillance camera in the ceiling
Realizes there is a two-way mirror on the wall
Notices an eye blink through a hole in the wall
10. Lawrence passes his wallet to Adam, who finds a picture of Lawrence's wife and daughter. What word is written under the picture?
11. The man who kidnapped Lawrence's wife and daughter had been hiding:
In the daughter's closet
Under the daughter's bed
In the daughter's toy chest
Behind the curtains in the daughter's room
12. When we see the face of the kidnapper, we realize, hey, we actually saw him earlier in the film....why, it's:
A police sergeant
A reporter
An orderly from Lawrence's hospital
Lawrence's wife's divorce lawyer
13. What did the detectives see on the tape that lead them to the discovery of the warehouse from which the Jigsaw operated?
An address
Gangland graffiti
A commuter train station
A neon sign
14. In the warehouse, the detectives find a victim of the Jigsaw who had _____ aimed at his neck.
A jagged mirror
A saw, of course
15. Tapp came (somewhat) face to face with the Jigsaw Killer, but didn't apprehend him, as Tapp:
Got himself shot
Got his throat slashed
Got impaled on a long stake
Had broken glass thrown into his eyes
16. A glow-in-the-dark X marked the spot. Behind the X was a box. Inside the box was:
A cell phone
Another cassette
A gun
A remote control
17. Detective Sing didn't make it to see the end of the movie, as he triggered a tripwire, attached to which was:
A ton of bricks (literally!)
A shotgun
An apparatus outfitted with sharpened stakes
Criss-crossing saw blades
18. Through a flashback, we learn that Lawrence was kidnapped:
In a parking garage
In his office
In the hospital's morgue
On the stairs leading up to his house
19. I could have sworn Lawrence and Adam's attempt to fake the death of the latter was going to work. By what method was Adam supposed to "die?"
By electrocution
By gunshot
By strangulation
By poison cigarette
20. Adam finds a number of photographs that cause further tension between him and Lawrence. Where did he find the pictures?
On the body of the "corpse" that is in the room
Taped to the bottom of the bathtub
In the bundle containing the saws
Inside the toilet bowl
21. Lawrence receives a call from his wife. She warns him:
Tapp is coming to kill him
Adam knew Lawrence before
Their daughter has been killed
He only has five minutes left to kill Adam
22. Who hired Adam to trail and photograph Lawrence?
Zep the orderly
Amanda, the Jigsaw's lone survivor
Lawrence, unwittingly
23. Who shot Lawrence's wife Alison?
Her daughter
No one
24. Zep shoots Tapp as the detective chases him:
Through a warehouse
Through a sewer
Through a foreboding alley
Through Lawrence's house
25. Zep meets his doom when Adam bludgeons him to death with:
A toilet tank cover
A cell phone
A pipe
Lawrence's severed foot
26. What was the last thing that Lawrence said to Adam before escaping the bathroom?
I'll be back
My regards
I wouldn't lie to you
Got ya, sucker!
27. How often in the film are either Lawrence or Adam electrocuted through their chains?
Just once
Five times
Three times
28. It turns out that the key to the lock securing Adam's chains had been in easy reach at one point. Where was the key?
Inside the toilet bowl
Taped to Lawrence's shirt
Attached to the bathtub plug
Taped to the two-way mirror that Adam destroyed
29. The Jigsaw killer's final words to Adam before sealing him in the bathroom are:
Game over
Funny how things work out
Now you've learned
Very well
30. The film was written by the person who played which role in the movie?
The Jigsaw Killer

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