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How Well Do You Know: My Fair Lady
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My Fair Lady quiz

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1. Eliza Doolittle works on Tottenham Court:
as a street performer
loading and unloading food from trucks
selling flowers
sweeping the street
2. What is playing at the opera house Eliza is working in front of?
Madame Butterfly
The Barber of Seville
La Boheme
3. Wow, phoenetics professor Henry Higgins is such a charmer. After listening to Eliza speaking outside of the opera house, he refers to her as all but what?
an embarrassment to those around her
a disgrace to the noble architecture of these columns
an incarnate insult to the English language
a squashed cabbage leaf
4. Where does Henry Higgins live?
Downing Street
Tottenham Court Road
Wimpole Street
Oxford Street
5. Eliza visits Henry at his home and offers him a shilling if he'll give her speech lessons so she can learn to "talk like a lady". He counters with how much?
"It doesn't matter, you won't have enough."
6. Higgins bets Colonel Pickering, a master of Indian dialects, that in 6 months he can pass Eliza off as:
a duchess at the Embassy Ball
a flower shop assistant
his (cultured) daughter
someone his snooty mother would approve of
7. Eliza is furious at her treatment by Henry thus far and decides she doesn't want the lessons after all. He gets her to stay by offering her:
new, clean clothes
8. Eliza screams bloody murder, as though she is being tortured, when being forced to:
agree to Henry's terms
take a bath
go to sleep
speak properly
9. Eliza's father Alfred visits Henry, trying to get some money out of him. How much does poor Alfred ask for?
10. In Eliza's fantasy, what day does the King proclaim to be "Eliza Doolittle Day"?
June 2nd
May 20th
November 13th
April 10th
11. After a king word from Henry, Eliza finally speaks "properly." The first phrase Eliza speaks correctly is:
"I'm a good girl, I am."
"The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain."
"With blackest moss, the flower pots were thickly crusted one and all."
"In Hartford, Hereford and Hampshire, hurricanes hardly ever happen."
12. Eliza's first introduction to high society - a test run, if you will - takes place at:
a fine dining establishment
a ball slightly smaller than the Embassy Ball
the opera near where she used to sell flowers
the races at Ascot
13. Eliza's performance at Ascot shows Henry she is not "ready" yet, at least not according to his standards. Six weeks later, he presents her at the Embassy Ball. Before leaving for the ball, Henry:
sneaks a glass of port
presents Eliza with a diamond necklace
tells Colonel Pickering to "prepare to pay up"
worries the experiment will fail
14. At the Embassy Ball, Henry and Pickering try to keep Eliza away from:
Freddy Einsworth-Hill, who is in love with Eliza
Zoltan, master of languages
Henry's mother
the prince of Transylvania
15. Eliza dances with all but whom at the ball?
Prince of Transylvania
Colonel Pickering
16. After speaking with Eliza, where did Zoltan surmise she was from?
he could not hazard a guess
17. Before unappreciated Eliza leaves the Higgins household, she searches the fireplace for something Henry threw in there. What was it?
his slippers
a ring he had given her
the house key
a slip of paper with the telephone number of a local taxi service
18. Eliza leaves the Higgins residence and goes back to visit the area where she used to sell flowers. Who does she go with?
Colonel Pickering
her father
Freddy Einsworth-Hill
Henry's mother
19. While visiting her old home, Eliza runs into her father. Thanks to an inheritance from Ezra Wallingford, the gentleman Higgins suggested he contact, Alfred is now "shoved in middle class". Why is Alfred so unhappy about being in the middle class?
It means he is financially able to marry his girlfriend
It means he can no longer get bar patrons to buy him drinks out of pity
It means he needs to dress appropriately
It means he is no longer eligible for public assistance
20. Henry goes to visit his mother after Eliza's departure and is surprised to find Eliza there, chatting with Mrs. Higgins. According to Eliza, the difference between a flower girl and a lady is:
the way she acts
the way she looks
how she carries herself
how she is treated
21. Eliza compares Henry's personality and temperament to a:
22. What exactly does Eliza want from Henry?
an invitation to move back into 27A Wimpole St
a marriage proposal
23. Eliza informs Henry she doesn't want to work as a flower shop assistant after all. She'd like to be a:
society wife
flower shop owner
phoenetics assistant
24. Henry realizes after Eliza tells him goodbye that he's "grown accustomed to her face", and that maybe he does need a woman in his life after all. What is Henry's response when Eliza surprises him by coming back?
"My love."
"I did it!"
"Where the devil are my slippers?"
"I shall treat you like a lady from this moment forward."
25. My Fair Lady is an adaptation of what play?
The Taming of the Shrew
Born Yesterday

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