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How Well Do You Know: Batman: Arkham Asylum
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Batman: Arkham Asylum quiz

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Wow, that was easy, can't wait for Batman: Arkham City quiz
Number1batmanfan 3/16/12 5:11 pm

Add me on PSN: DanielleDart
Number1batmanfan 3/16/12 5:11 pm


1. There is one celebrated difference between the PS3 version of the game and the Xbox 360 version. What does the PS3 have that the 360 lacks?
A boss battle with Clayface
A commemorative Batarang
The additional challenge mode level Gotham After Dark
The Joker as a playable character
2. One of the greatest mysteries to unravel in the game is which character has been possessed by the spirit of Amadeus Arkham. Who is it?
Arkham Guard Aaron Cash
Commissioner James Gordon
Dr. Penelope Young
Warden Quincy Sharp
3. The game's first usage of ceiling grappling is required to take down this member of Batman's Rogues Gallery.
Poison Ivy
Victor Zsasz
4. There sure are a lot of thugs hanging out at Arkham Asylum the night when this game takes place. What is the explanation for this?
A fire at Blackgate Prison has caused the relocation of hundreds of prisoners
Harley Quinn's Internet hypnotism class has paid immediate dividends
The Joker has found an underground tunnel and is smuggling them in
Poison Ivy has used poison from plants to brainwash civilians into infiltrating the grounds
5. Which superhero aids Batman during his attempt to restore order at Arkham?
6. Which of these villains does not aid Joker during the game?
Harley Quinn
Killer Croc
Poison Ivy
7. Which character's death is shown during the game, only to be later revealed as a delusion caused by Scarecrow gas?
Alfred Pennyworth
Barbara Gordon
Commissioner James Gordon
Tim Drake
8. What is Joker's favorite show?
A Very Special Joker Christmas
I'm Warden Idiot - You'll Never Escape
Two and a Half Men
9. What does the appearance of Killer Croc remind The Joker he needs to do?
Buy some new shoes
Show off his belt
Take a shower
10. Over the course of the game, a villain's lair is infiltrated. Who is it?
Killer Croc
Mr. Freeze
The Penguin
Victor Zsasz
11. Which character is mentioned during the game but never makes an appearance?
12. The Joker's nefarious plans are centered upon a chemical called __________.
Bonds 25
13. That damned Scarecrow keeps showing up throughout the game. How many times does Batman throw him a beating?
14. The end of the game is random. Which of these villains does not wind up in possession of a crate of Titan in one of the three endings?
Harley Quinn
Killer Croc
15. If you're one of those compulsive types who chases down achievement points, how many riddles are there in the game?
16. Which character turns out to have been working with the Joker?
Aaron Cash
Dr. Penelope Young
Police Officer Kyle Bennett, who turns out to be Mr. Freeze in disguise
Warden Quincy Sharp
17. The strangest Riddler challenges involve Batman shattering these items.
Joker's teeth
Killer Croc's teeth
Mr. Freeze's snowglobes
Riddler's canes
18. Harley Quinn liberates one of her villain co-conspirators. Who does she free from their jail cell?
Poison Ivy
The Riddler
19. Which of these upgrades does Batman earn first in the game?
Cryptographic Sequencer
Explosive Gel
Line launcher
20. Which of these is not an available Wayne Tech upgrade?
Armor Upgrade V3
Cryptographic Ranger Amplifier
Sonic Batarang
Quadruple Batarang
21. Harley Quinn's interview tapes reveal what?
Her first five "dates" with the Joker
How she planned the fires at Blackgate Prison
How she was seduced into villainy by the Joker
Where she buys her wonderful clothes
22. The Joker isn't a wuss in the final boss battle. What gives him the upper hand against the Dark Knight?
A hearty injection of Titan
Scarecrow gas a-plenty
Timely appearances of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Bane and Scarecrow
23. Which of the following does not correctly match the actor to the character he/she voices in the game?
Arlene Sorkin/Harley Quinn
Kevin Conroy/Batman
Mark Hamill/The Joker
Mickey Rourke/Bane
24. Who berates Batman for interrupting their "me time"?
Harley Quinn
The Joker
The Riddler
25. When you play as the Joker, you have all of these weapons at your disposal except:
Bat repellent
Chattering (and exploding) teeth
X-Ray specs
26. The exceptional combo system in the game includes trophies/achievements for a certain number of strikes in a row. What is the ultimate free-flow combo goal?
27. The Joker somewhat ironically berates a competing villain for their treachery. Who does he feel fails to show the proper gratitude?
Harley Quinn
Poison Ivy
28. One of the villains is defeated, captured, and then shown incarcerated and in a jail cell during the game. Who is it?
Harley Quinn
Killer Croc
Poison Ivy
29. Arkham Asylum made its way into the Guinness World Records. What title did it claim?
Best selling first week across platforms
Best selling first week on the Playstation 3
Most critically acclaimed superhero game
Most intelligent computer A.I.
30. At the end of the game, Joker throws Batman a party. What do the thugs do when he arrives?
Infect him with Scarecrow gas
Infect him with Titan
Run like the cowardly little girls they are

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