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How Well Do You Know: The Ring
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The Ring quiz

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1. Katie and her peers -- who all previously watched the video -- died at about what time?
8 p.m.
10 p.m.
11:13 p.m.
2. Katie dies in what room?
Her bedroom
The family room
Her mom's bedroom
The basement
3. What's Aidan's relation to Katie?
They're siblings
They're friends from school
They're cousins
No relation. They don't even know each other
4. How did Katie physically die?
She was burned
Her brain burst
Samara drowned her
Her heart just stopped
5. Following Katie's death, where did Becca end up?
Quarantined at home
In a mental hospital
She went missing
Back to her daily routine, as per usual
6. Where is The Ring set?
7. When Rachel arrives at the cabin, what else is the owner doing while answering her questions?
Watching television
Playing a card trick
Reading a newspaper
Drawing circles
8. After watching the tape, how many days do you have left to live?
Undetermined, so long as you don't have a landline in your home
9. It's seven. What do Rachel and Noah later realize about the number? (i.e. What's significant about it?)
It was Samara's age before she died
It's the number of days a person could probably stay alive trapped in a well
It's the number of horses the Morgans owned
It's a clue to where Samara came from
10. When Rachel watches the tape again, her nose bleeds after she physically removes a(n) _____ from the video image.
Blade of grass
11. Aidan watches the tape. What's his excuse?
He wanted to know what could have killed Katie
He wanted to know what Rachel was investigating
He couldn't sleep
He wanted to wash the badness that was Transformers 2 out of his head
12. While Rachel rides a ferry over to the island, a(n) _____ escapes.
13. Noah isn't allowed access to Samara's medical records. How does he figure out where they are?
He randomly breaks into various rooms until he spots them
One of the attendants mistakenly tells him they're downstairs
Mr. Morgan arrives and shows him the location
Samara tells him
14. Because the Morgans were unsuccessful in having a child of their own, they had Samara adopted. Where did they get her?
15. Mr. Morgan kills himself by _____.
Entering a slaughterhouse
Shooting himself in the head
Electrocuting himself in a bathtub
Falling down the well
16. Where was Samara's bedroom?
In a well
In the barn
In the basement
Under the stairs
17. In Samara's bedroom,Noah and Rachel uncover a _____ etched into the wood behind the wallpaper.
18. Where's the well?
In the Morgans' backyard
Underneath one of the cabin's floorboards
In the basement of a lighthouse
In the Morgans' barn
19. Rachel falls into the well after a _____ knocks into her.
Thick rope
20. Rachel figures out she's immune to Samara's evils. Why?
She showed the tape to at least one other person
She made a copy of the tape
She released Samara in the well
She played a part in Mr. Morgan's suicide

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