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How Well Do You Know: The Dirty Dozen
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The Dirty Dozen quiz

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1. What is the name of the soldier executed at the start of the film?
2. When persuading Pinkley (Donald Sutherland) to pose as a General, which of the following does Reisman (Lee Marvin) NOT tell him he has to do?
Walk slow
Look dumb
Act Stupid
Make small talk
3. Franco (John Cassavetes) killed a man while stealing the French equivalent of how much?
Less than 5 dollars
Less than 20 dollars
Less than 10 dollars
Less than 50 dollars
4. During the attack in the bathroom, two soldiers ask Wladislaw (Charles Bronson) where his dogtags are. What is his response?
At my last posting
In the truck
I ate them
In my other uniform
5. This question had to be asked of course. How did The Dirty Dozen earn the nickname?
Foul language
Refusing to shave in cold water
The way they fight
Their lack of housepainting skills
6. Posey (Clint Walker) accidentally killed a man for doing what?
Cheating at cards
Insulting Poseys heritage
Pushing Posey
Insulting Posey's girlfriend
7. Which officer gives the Dirty Dozen their nickname?
Captain Kinder (Ralph Meeker)
Colonel Breed (Robert Ryan)
Sergeant Bowren (Richard Jaeckel)
8. Which member of The Dirty Dozen is unaccounted for at the end of the mission?
Maggot (Telly Savalas)
9. Reisman says the prisoners have 3 ways to go. Which is not one way to go?
Foul up in training, in which case they will be sent back for execution of sentence
Back out now
Do as they are told, in which case they may get by
Foul up in combat, in which case Reisman will shoot them personally
10. How does Jiminez die?
He was shot by a German soldier
By blowing up the antenna on the roof
His parachute was tangled up in a tree and neck was broken
He was trapped in the cellar when the grenades blew
11. What does Wladislaw do to avoid signing in at the chateau?
Spills ink on the guest register
Writes in gibberish
Nothing, Reisman signs
Starts shooting
12. During the raid on the chateau, Maggot kills a young lady. What name does the lady keep calling out?
13. What is the code name for the "Dirty Dozen" mission?
Project Freedom
Project Amnesty
Project Invasion
Project Suicide
14. A scale model of the chateau and surrounding area is shown during the last supper. What Disney character is placed at the crossroads?
Mickey Mouse
Donald Duck
15. Prior to jumping out of the plane, Pinkley admits it's not jumping out he's afraid of. It's what?
Coming back
Getting killed
Having to kill
Being captured
16. Which of the prisoners is the only onscreen survivor?
17. Which colors are used during division maneuvers?
Red, gold and green
Red, blue and green
Blue, brown and yellow
White, purple and pink
18. During the rope climb training, what does Reisman do to convince Jiminez to finish climbing?
Shoots off the end of the rope just under Jiminez
Sets fire to the rope
Starts climbing himself
Offers liquor
19. According to Reisman, Franko has how long until his date with the hangman?
10 days
A month
A week
2 days
20. When Reisman meets the prisoners for the first time, he order that they line up left to right, according to what?
Alphabetical order
21. While the prisoners are having a "graduation ball", Captain Kinder wonders if they know what holiday has arrived?
Valentines Day
New Years Eve
Mother's Day
4th of July
22. How does Franko attempt to escape from the training compound?
Stealing a jeep
Climbing over the fence
Underground Tunnel
Cutting a hole in the fence
23. Who is the Commanding Officer at the base where the prisoners train for parachute jumping?
Major Armbruster
Colonel Breed
General Denton
General Worden
24. When playing word association with Captain Kinder, what sport does Wladislaw continually make slight references to?
25. During the Divisional maneuvers, Major Armbruster (George Kennedy) is designated as what?
Conscientious Observer
Radio Operator

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