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How Well Do You Know: Modern Family, Season 1
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Modern Family Season 1 quizTess Taylor

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1. Besides "Modern Family," ABC's Wednesday night lineup to start the 2009/2010 TV season included "Hank" starring Kelsey Grammer and "The Middle" starring Patricia Heaton. Which of the following stars of "Modern Family" was a regular on the 2008 Fox series "Back to You," which starred Grammer and Heaton and (obviously) lasted just one season.
Sofia Vergara
Julie Bowen
Ty Burrell
Eric Stonestreet
2. "Come Fly With Me": Mitchell is called a snob by Cameron because he thinks going to the following store to buy diapers for Lily is beneath him. But Mitchell becomes a convert upon his first visit.
Sam's Club
3. "Come Fly With Me": Gloria reveals that she always wanted a girl, and for the first year of Manny's life, she dressed Manny as a girl several times. When Manny found pictures of him dressed as a girl, Gloria told Manny the pictures were of who?
Manny's twin sister who died
Manny's cousin who lives in Colombia
Gloria as a child
Manny dressed for Halloween as a beauty pageant baby
4. "The Incident": Phil admitted to once following what band on tour across the country for an entire summer?
The Bangles
Hall and Oates
5. "The Incident": Dylan sings a song for Haley at the end of the episode which he says is called "In the Moonlight." But it is the song's subtitle, which is repeated many times during the song, that gets everyone's attention. What is the subtitle?
We Made Love
We Smoked Pot
I Kissed You
Do Me
6. "Coal Digger": Gloria asks Claire to do something, to show that Claire is truly sorry for calling her a golddigger. And Claire agrees. What did Gloria request?
Claire refer to Gloria as "mom" for an entire night
Claire jump in the pool fully clothed
Claire write Gloria a letter of apology
Claire and Gloria get matching tatoos
7. "Run For Your Wife": Cameron fancies himself a shutterbug and his favorite model is Lily. Which musician has he not yet dressed her and photographed her as?
Olivia Newton John
Stevie Wonder
8. "En Garde": Claire and Mitchell were a figure-skating team as children. What was their name?
Hot and Bold
Fire and Nice
Sweet and Spicy
Fast and Furious
9. "Great Expectations": It is Claire and Phil's wedding anniversary. For a gift, Phil gives Claire a bracelet. Claire's original gift for Phil, before hiring Izzy LaFontaine to perform, is what?
Coupon for 5 free hugs
Yogurt maker
Robot dog
"World's Best Husband" boxer shorts
10. "Fizbo": It's Luke's birthday and Luke mentions that he could use a new belt. What has he been using in the absence of a belt?
Grandpa Jay's necktie
Rope from the basement
Fishing wire
Extension cord
11. An object which is broken in the Dunphy house gets referenced several times throughout the season. Phil promises to fix it, but does not. Claire attempts to fix it, but appears to fail. What is it?
A window
A bathroom lock
A toaster oven
A staircase step
12. "Undeck the Halls": Jay (unknowingly) and Manny are watching a fake copy of which classic holiday film, which is interrupted when a screaming alien monster head pops up in the middle of a scene.
Miracle on 34th Street
It's a Wonderful Life
A Christmas Story
A Christmas Carol
13. "Not in My House": Jay buys a life-size dog butler statue with his casino winnings, which Gloria hates and refers to as El Diablo. What is Jay's name for the dog?
Mr. Belvedere
The Golden Retrieiver
14. "Fifteen Percent": The title of this episode is referenced within the episode by Mitchell. What does he say fifteen percent represents?
How much housework he does in comparison to Cameron
How much time he gets with Lily each day in comparison to Cameron
How much of a raise he wants in order to keep from quitting his job
How much people can change, if they really want to
15. "My Funky Valentine": When Phil and Claire role play in the hotel bar, what does Phil's character, Clive Bixby, say he does for a living?
Polo player
Designs high-end electroacoustic transducers
Hand model
Treasure hunter
16. Claire was caught in various states of undress in season one. Who did not see Claire either in her bra and panties or completely naked this season?
17. "Fears": Earlier in the season, in episode "The Bicycle Thief," Manny said that his biological father Javier is fearless. In this episode, Gloria also says that Javier is fearless. Jay disagrees. According to Jay, Javier has a fear of getting what?
A legitimate job
A child support bill
The check at a restaurant
Deported from the US
18. "Fears": The cable guy tells Haley that there is “quite a collection” in the crawl space under the Dunphy house, which prompts Phil and Luke to investigate what the collection consists of. What do they think they found, which turns out not to be real?
Skeletal remains
Sticks of dynamite
Gold coins
Hidden treasure maps
19. "Starry Night": Gloria overhears a conversation Cameron is having and becomes offended when she thinks he is speaking in a derogatory manner about her and Manny. Who is Cameron actually talking about?
Mitchell's Ivy League friends
Mitchell's former boss and his 4th wife
Mitchell and Cameron's neighbor, who they suspect is having an affair
Cameron's ex-boyfriend
20. "Game Changer": Mitchell returns Jay's "belt of tools." After Jay makes a Village People joke in reference to why Mitchell borrowed the tools in the first place ("Were you a big hit? I just assumed it was some kind of a costume party? Was Cam the Indian?"), Mitchell reveals that he and Cameron were doing some construction at the house. What were they building?
Shelving in the attic
Toy chest for Lily
Gift-wrapping station
Bookcase in the living room
21. There are several superhero and comic book references sprinkled throughout the season. Let's begin with The Incredible Hulk. Multiple connections to The Incredible Hulk character, film and tv series pop up in season one. Which of the following is not one of those Hulk connections?
Edward Norton, a star of the 2008 Hulk movie, appeared in the episode "Great Expectations"
Lou Ferrigno, a star of the Hulk television series, played one of Jay's pals in the episode "Fifteen Percent"
The fired mall santa from episode "Undeck the Halls" was nicknamed Hulk while in the Marines
In "My Funky Valentine," Phil's role-play last name is Bixby, the same as Bill Bixby, a star of the Hulk television series
22. Now let's talk Batman. Cameron makes at least two Batman references during the season. In "Bicycle Thief," Cameron is having a discussion about this actor, who he thinks would be perfect for the role of "Batman," because this actor is "perfection?"
Hugh Jackman
Kate Winslet
Johnny Depp
Meryl Streep
23. One more Batman question. In "Benched," Cameron compares a character in that episode to Batman because of his attire and a feature of his home. Which character is it?
Jay's buddy Shorty
Jay's buddy Charlie Bingham
Gloria's ex-husband Javier Delgado
24. "Benched": Speaking of Charlie Bingham, Mitchell interviews for a job with Charlie. During the interview, Charlie tells Mitchell that he has been thinking of doing something that Mitchell has some experience with. What does Charlie want to do?
Grow a beard
Adopt a baby
Come out of the closet
Quit his job
25. "Benched": After Mitchell quit his job, Cameron took on a part-time job at a greeting card store. At the start of the episode, Cameron hands Claire a card and said what?
"Happy barbecue"
"Merry hostess"
"Sweet sister-in-law"
"Naked firefighter card"
26. Who said this: "I always felt bad for people with emotionally distant fathers. It turns out I'm one of them. It's a miracle I didn't end up a stripper."
27. Who said this to Gloria: "You are hotter than a Las Vegas sidewalk on the fourth of July."
Gloria's ex-husband Javier
Phil's father Frank
Cameron's and Mitchell's friend Sal
28. "Hawaii": During the scene of Phil and Claire renewing their vows, what ukulele version of a popular song from the 1980s is playing?
In Your Eyes
Funky Cold Medina
Eye of the Tiger
29. "Women in their 30s on the internet" and "realtors" were both compared to the same thing by Claire and Phil respectively in different episodes. What were they compared to?
30. "Family Portrait": The identity of Phil's favorite singer and Jay's two favorite singers of all time are identified. Who does not make this list?
Elvis Presley
Frank Sinatra
Frankie Valli
Peabo Bryson

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