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How Well Do You Know: Taken
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1. The film opens with Kim's birthday party. Bryan's gift of a _______ is upstaged when Kim's father-in-law presents her with _______.
A necklace / a sports car
A karaoke machine / a horse
A briefcase / a high definition television
Sensible shoes / diamond earrings
2. Bryan's buddies convince him to take a job providing security for a:
Pop star
Football player
Paris Hilton-esque socialite
Talk show host
3. Kim pleads with Bryan to let her travel to this European city......
4. ....but Bryan finds out that Kim actually wants to travel through Europe:
Staying in hostels in various cities
With her secret internet boyfriend
To follow a band's concert tour
For World Cup matches
5. Finally agreeing to the trip, Bryan makes Kim agree to three conditions. Which of the following was not one of them?
That she give him the address of where she'll be staying
That she let him know when and where she moves
That she wears a GPS locating tracker
That she calls him when she lands and every night before bed
6. When Kim realizes she is going to be kidnapped, Bryan gives her this instruction over the phone:
To fight the kidnappers as hard as she can
To be completely cooperative and not to resist the kidnappers
To shout out any details she can observe
To get the kidnappers to say their names out loud
7. After Kim is taken, Bryan realizes one of the kidnappers has picked up her phone. He says: "If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have:"
A blinding love for my daughter....
Are a very particular set of skills.....
A furious sense to seek out justice....
Is the ability to slice through a city to find a man such as yourself.....
8. The call ends with the kidnapper saying:
We're safe
Want to bet?
She's gone
Good luck
9. Voice analysis reveals that the kidnappers were speaking:
10. Bryan is able to track down Peter, the man who met Kim and her friend at the airport, because he saw his face:
On a security feed at the airport
On a security camera tape at the apartment from which Kim was kidnapped
On the video intercom system at the apartment
On Kim's cell phone
11. Bryan's pursuit of Peter ends when Peter:
Vanishes in a subway station
Is shot dead by police
Is hit by a bus
Is beheaded as he tries to escape through a railyard
12. The name of Bryan's rather slippery acquaintance in Paris, who is now a bureaucrat, is:
Jean Claude
13. Bryan finds a number of girls being kept in a make-shift brothel located at:
An abandoned railway station
A very seedy hotel
A construction site
Public housing apartments
14. Bryan rescued one of the girls from the brothel because she had something that belonged to Kim. What was it?
Her jacket
Her cell phone
Her backpack
Her bracelet
15. The girl that Bryan rescued identifies the place where she was kidnapped as the house:
With the red door
With the blue shutters
With the pink flowers
With the black windows
16. Bryan is able to gain access to the kidnappers' headquarters because he poses as a/n:
Government official looking for a shakedown
Underworld kingpin
Police officer
17. Bryan knew one of the kidnappers by name. That name was:
18. ....and that kidnapper met his end through:
A weapon
19. Bryan confronts his bureaucrat friend (yeah, the guy we mentioned back in question 12) face-to-face:
In his office
At a riverside park
In his home
At a hospital
20. Bryan arrives at a human trafficking auction, where he sees Kim being sold. How does he escape the site immediately after the auction?
He poses as a waiter
He shoots his way out
He climbs down an elevator shaft
He doesn't, as he is captured
21. Before killing the last of the traffickers, Bryan finds out that Kim is being taken to:
A boat
A plane
An exclusive hotel in another part of the city
Another country
22. Byran gains access to the boat that Kim is being held on (did you get the last question right?) by:
Swimming to it
Driving a car onto it
Jumping on to it
Swinging on to it
23. The last person that Bryan killed was the buyer for whom Kim was purchased, who was:
An older, heavyset man
A younger, swarthy-looking man
Bryan's bureaucrat friend
A woman
24. Bryan reunites Kim with her mother at:
The Paris airport
A US airport
Lenore's home
On the yachtwhere the rescue took place
25. Oh yeah. Amanda. Kim's friend Amanda was also kidnapped. When we last saw Amanda, she was:
Dead at the construction site
Alive on the boat along with Kim
Dead at the kidnappers' headquarters
Being kidnapped at the Paris apartment right before Kim was taken - we never saw here again after that

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