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How Well Do You Know: Scream 3
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Scream 3 quiz

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1. When Cotton's girlfriend is in the apartment at the beginning of the movie, what Creed song is actually playing inside?
'What If"
"My Sacrifice"
"My Own Prison"
"One Last Breath"
2. What does the Killer want to know from Cotton?
Where Sidney's mother is
Where the Killer from Scream 2 is
Where Sidney is
Where the nearest In-N-Out is
3. Sidney now works for a women's crisis counseling call center. What's her alias?
4. A photo of who is left on Cotton's body?
Sidney's mother
Hillary Clinton
5. Finish Sidney's line: "Psychos can't kill _____."
When they're running around blind
What they can't catch
What they can't find
On the weekends
6. How does Jenny McCarthy's character die?
She drowns in a pool
She's stabbed in the back
She's thrown from a speeding car
Her throat is cut open
7. What pattern does the group realize is manifested in the Killer's murders?
People get killed in the order they die in the Stab 3 script
People get killed by the importance of their characters in Stab 3
People get killed alphabetically
It's completely random
8. The answer: People get killed in the order they die in the script. The problem with this theory, however, is that there are how many versions of the script?
9. What actress plays Sidney in Stab 3?
Lauren Graham
Denise Richards
Emily Mortimer
Monica Lewinsky
10. Randy died in Scream 2. How does he cameo in Scream 3?
In a dream
In a flashback
Through a video the group watches
He just shows up without explanation
11. Among the things Randy says in the video, Randy reveals what important piece of information?
Sidney could die
The Killer is loose
Sidney's mother is alive
There likely will be a Scream 4
12. What actor from Star Wars has a cameo in Scream 3?
Harrison Ford
Peter Cushing
Carrie Fisher
Jar Jar Binks
13. What was Sidney's mother's stage name?
Amy Adams
Rina Reynolds
Becky Blackhouse
Tina Turner
14. Where does the climatic party take place?
Roman's apartment
Milton's mansion
The Stab 3 soundstage
Sidney's house
15. How does Gale figure out that the Killer is in the mansion?
She discovers Roman is dead
She finds a note that says he's inside
She sees him
The Killer stabs her
16. The Killer lures Sidney into the mansion using Gale and _____ as his hostages.
Mark Kincaid
17. Who is revealed to be the Killer?
Mark Kincaid
18. It's Roman. What's his relation to Sidney?
19. Who does Roman kill in front of Sidney?
Mark Kincaid
20. After Sidney stabs the Killer with an ice pick and knife, Dewey ensures the Killer's death by doing what?
Kicking him in the face
Stabbing him in the throat
Drowning him
Shooting him

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