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How Well Do You Know: Dexter: Season Four
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Dexter Season 4 quiz

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1. "Living the Dream": We finally learn the name of Dexter's first born. What is it?
Dark Passenger
2. "Living the Dream": Where does Dexter hastily kill his first victim of the season?
A supermarket
A warehouse
On a boat
An abandoned gym
3. "Remains to Be Seen": What's the only stop Dexter can remember making between the abandoned gym -- where he killed Gomez -- and home?
The pharmacy
The bank
A restaurant
The office
4. "Remains to Be Seen": It takes awhile, but Dexter finally tracks down Gomez's body. Where was it?
In his car trunk
In a punching bag
About 50 yards from where his car flipped
In a dumpster outside the gym
5. "Blinded by the Light": Who takes it upon himself/herself to take down the neighborhood vandal?
6. "Blinded by the Light": How does The Trinity Killer kill his second victim?
He stabs her with shards of glass
He cuts her with a knife in a bathtub
He hits her repeatedly with a hammer
He has her commit suicide by jumping off a building
7. "Dex Takes a Holiday": How does the Trinity Killer originally find out Lundy is in Miami?
He bumps into him
He sees his picture in the newspaper
He spots him having lunch with Deb
He just senses it
8. "Dex Takes a Holiday": Dexter collects evidence against his latest target by finding a piece of blue glove in the target's _____.
Trash can
Garbage disposal
9. "Dirty Harry": Deb moves in with Dexter. Why?
She needs to be with family after what happened to her and Lundy
She broke up with Anton
She needs to spy on Rita
Her apartment is undergoing repairs
10. "Dirty Harry": Rita is angry that Dexter has kept a secret from her. What does she get upset about?
That he still has his apartment
That he lost his job with Miami Metro
That he's doing drugs again
That Dexter kills people
11. "If I Had a Hammer": Finish Rita's line: "We're always running out of _____; did you get me a _____ too?"
Eggs, rooster
Beer, keg
Milk, cow
Carrots, rabbit
12. "If I Had a Hammer": Rita seems happy with her compromise with Dexter. He can keep his apartment stuff private, but where is it now located?
In the attic
At Deb's place
In a shed out back
At his office
13. "Slack Tide": On a hunting trip, Trinity hits a _____ with his car, which Dexter says he must kill to put it out of its misery.
14. "Slack Tide": Deb meets with one of Harry's criminal informants, but storms off fairly early. Why?
She realizes she has more important work to get done
She figures out the informant never knew her father
The informant ordered food before Deb got there
She's disturbed with how many woman Harry has gone to bed with
15. "Road Kill": Dexter goes out of town with Trinity, possibly to kill him. What Florida city do they venture to?
St. Petersburg
16. "Road Kill": After Trinity's confession, how many members of Trinity's family does Dexter believe Trinity intentionally killed?
17. "Hungry Man": Arthur's son comes home on Thanksgiving with a busted car. How does Arthur punish him?
He locks him in his room
He bends back one of his fingers
He pulls a knife on him
He puts him in a sleeper hold
18. "Hungry Man": Who sees Elliot kiss Rita?
19. "Lost Boys": What reason does Christine give her father for killing Lundy?
To make for an even juicier news story
To create a diversion
To frame him for murder
To protect Arthur
20. "Lost Boys": Trinity's cycle doesn't begin with the three usual suspects we're used to, but rather the kidnapping of who?
A young girl
A young boy
A baby of either sex
A dog
21. "Hello, Dexter Morgan": LaGuerta and Angel get married. Who's the witness?
Cpt. Matthews
22. "Hello, Dexter Morgan": Dexter demands Trinity to admit publicly that he's a pedophile. In retaliation, Arthur _____.
Threatens to kill Deb
Threatens to kill Rita
Tracks down every "Kyle Butler" in the phone book
23. "The Getaway": How does Dexter react when Deb tells Dexter the truth about Dexter's mother and brother, the Ice Truck Killer?
24. "The Getaway": Before killing Trinity, Dexter allows Arthur to enjoy what?
A last meal
His toy train
His favorite movie
A fine wine
25. "The Getaway": Rita is discovered dead. Where?
The shed
A bathtub
On the patio
In bed

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